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Posted on 27 February 2007. Filed under: baby, baby names, Everyday Life, pregnancy |

I find it incredibly hard to write when I’m just feeling blah. I’ve had anxiety about nearly everything lately. Panic attacks are hitting at night when I’m attempting to forget about it all and sleep. Not working. This is about the worst time since I have nothing better to do than lay in bed and worry and think and the panic attack completely takes over. For anyone who’s experienced this feeling you know exactly what I’m talking about. For those who haven’t, you feel almost helpless, like you’ve lost control of your mind and body.

Naming a baby has got to be one of the hardest things to do, unless it’s all up to you. With my son I knew his name the minute I knew I was pregnant. A name will just stick and I know it’s the right name. This is what’s happened right now….. so here I am with this name stuck in my head and I love it. Problem is……. it’s not only up to me this time. So this has turned into a nightmare. Anybody have any opinions or suggestions? This is tearing me apart worrying about my baby’s name. Ever since I had my son I’ve wanted to continue the “J” name thing – apparently this is a problem too 😦 You can still find the 3 “J” names I had picked out written in my phone book from years ago. Is it weird that this means SO much to me?

As for gaining weight during pregnancy. I’m one of those people who’ll say and think “Oh yeah, I’ll gain however much weight for my baby if it means he/she will be healthy.” But it’s truly tearing me apart right now. I don’t care how much we say that, the weight gain will still cause some depressed feelings. It doesn’t help that lots of clothes aren’t fitting me right now and that gets frustrating. July needs to come fast.


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13 Responses to “just blah”

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Ahhh…I hate night time panic attacks, I mean I really hate them ! I still have them even when I’m asleep ! How weird huh ? lol

You are right though..naming a baby is stressful ! On top of the weight thing…I don’t even wanna go there…ugh !


man I can’t believe how much you and I have in common!!

I’ve started getting anxiety attacks too which is so abnormal for me. I had them after I had Silas too and they were unbearable. I just had to retreat to the tub. Talked to my doc about the ones I’m having now and he said more exercise would help me. I don’t wanna do drugs.

I had my heart set on not gaining much weight this time, last time I got up to 200 pounds…which is nuts for someone like me. I retain water like a psycho though, I’ve already gained 30 pounds. It’s sick!! It’s hard when I eat healthier than most of society. my wedding rings dont even fit me anymore and they were too big when I got pregnant, it’s really sad.

my mom named her first three girls with J names. I think the woman should get more of a say on the name anyway, I’m glad my hubby thinks so too. Boy names are the hardest though!!! Good luck with finding one, I hope it doesn’t cause too much stress.

Hey! I’ve been following your journal since 10 weeks, I actually posted then for the first time. Congrats on the boy! Funny, my daughter, who is 9, wanted a little brother so bad, and we’re having a girl. I’m due June 22, or the 25 depending on what day it is.

I’m sorry you’re feeling blah. 😦
I can imagine that naming a baby is stressful enough – I say you have to house him for 9 months – you get to pick. 🙂 Unless of course hubby HATES it with a passion. Then you might want to compromise a little.

I know, I’m no help.
As for the weight gain, I’ll totally be your Weight Watchers buddy come July! 🙂

Oh hon… I’m so sorry you’ve been dealing with the anxiety crap. From personal experience, they suck and are horribly frightening. Normally when I have them I try to breathe through them and that’s helped a little bit. Hang in there!

As for the weight gain… plllleeaaseee don’t let it get to you. You’re carrying that sweet baby in your body and you need to gain weight. Don’t stress and just try to enjoy being pregnant because as cliche as it may sound… what a miracle that is! xoxo

Anxiety is such a pain in the arse! A nice hot tub worked for me, with a book … otherwise I’d just get wound up while I was lying there.

Sometimes it takes approaching a subject 2 or 3 times for your partner to come around to your idea. At least, that’s how it is in my house. It’s not that I bully him into it, I just bring it up a few times to help it sink in, and then he usually agrees with me on whatever it is. Perhaps this will work for you to get the name you want?

I’ve had anxiety attacks before, which aren’t fun at all, and my mom has had a few panic attacks. They’re frightening and jarring to the nerves. I’m sorry you’re experiencing that! My mom bought a paperback book called “Hope and Help for Your Nerves” by Claire Weekes. It really helped her get past most of her anxiety. Reading about it seemed to help a lot. Then when I was going through an anxiety stage, she gave the book to me, and it was definitely a big help.

i found your blog and i love reading it because i couldn’t agree with you more. good luck and things will get better.. i mean, they’ve gotta!! 🙂

Oh I forgot to say that I have 5 all “S” names ! I feel your pain there too ! lol


Ok I changed to Omaha lol

Hugs, hugs and hugs! Being pg can be hard enough – then throw in the anxiety and attacks! Ugh! Hang in there! We are to listen or just keep you company i fyou need it!

I don’t exactly have any pregnancy or baby naming experience…but I do know what anxiety attacks are all about. I’m sorry you’re having a rough time. Try to remember how special the baby is…maybe that will help you through the tougher times.

Congratulations on the being pregnant thing, and as far as the feeling “blah” and no posting thing goes, I know the feeling (why o why do you think, I haven’t posted much lately ;))

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