39. Ever met anyone famous? No (New Answer – YES)

Posted on 5 March 2007. Filed under: jay owenhouse, magic show |

This weekend we attended The Magic of Jay Owenhouse. It was a great show. I was dreading sitting for a couple hours, being uncomfortable, but I must say it was well worth it. Guess who was the first “volunteer”. ME!! I think it’s exciting for everybody when he starts walking around the crowd wondering who’s going to be picked. I’m one of those people… just leave me in my seat, I’m totally fine right here, I wouldn’t be one to volunteer on my own. So when he stopped right in front of me and said I need a volunteer while staring right at me, my heart sunk. You want ME to go down in front of ALL these people! Are you crazy! He kept saying he needed a volunteer, preferably one that was CLOSE, just need to raise your hand. My son is yelling at him “She can’t! She’s pregnant!” He must have been worried about me. I did raise my hand and went down with him. Nothing like standing in total darkness…. with all the lights in your face you can’t see the crowd – that was weird. So of course my mind’s racing… “How the HELL am I going to see the stairs when I go to walk back to my seat! I can’t even see the crowd right now. Why’d I wear THIS shirt – I HATE this shirt. I didn’t do my hair for this – I expected to sit in darkness the whole time, not worrying about seeing anybody. I didn’t expect to be IN the spotlight – I mean I had one hitting me right in the eyes before the show started, but I didn’t expect to be down HERE in THIS spotlight!” Okay – you get the picture – my mind went a millions miles an hour 😛 That’s me, that’s how I ALWAYS am. Anyway….. the “trick” he was doing – was more a haha on me. He had a plate of meat and would show the piece of meat and then make it “disappear”. I knew he was switching hands and my blowing on his hand wasn’t really making the meat disappear. I heard breathing behind me – but never did turn around. Boy would I have screamed and ran had I turned around! I kept thinking – gawd does he have a dog back there that he’s throwing the meat to behind the curtain. When I walked down the curtain was closed. After the final piece of meat was gone another guy came out to take our picture – after handing me the picture, Jay said…. “Look at this picture when you get home…. you’ll see why”. When I returned to my seat – my husband informed me…. there was a Tiger right behind you. Aaaaaah so THAT’S what the breathing was! I KNEW I heard something! haha Jokes on me! Here’s me, Jay, and Shere-Kahn.

Glad to see Tiger is laying down – done eating! haha I still wonder what would I have done if I’da turned around to see what the breathing was behind me!


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6 Responses to “39. Ever met anyone famous? No (New Answer – YES)”

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Okay, so first, how cute are you!? Adorable!
What fun. I’m glad you didn’t turn around. 🙂

Can you imagine if the tiger wasn’t caged?

Nice Kitty!!!!

You’re my hero!!!

Haha, thats awesome and what a good pregnant memory to have!!

No kidding, i wish i met someone famous when i was pregnant..oh well, maybe next time 😉 It’s a good thing that the tiger was vaged ( well not like he wouldn’t be). I love big Kitty’s

Not only did you meet someone famous, you were one of the main attractions. You’re son will never forget!

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