baby kicks!

Posted on 6 March 2007. Filed under: baby, baby kicking, family, kids, pregnancy |

SO want this shirt! What’s one of the greatest things while being pregnant? In my opinion, it’s feeling baby kick and move. The very first day I KNEW I felt movement was 21.Feb. Anytime I’m sitting now I can hardly keep my hand off my tummy – I’m so worried I might miss one! My favorite is relaxing in the tub and enjoying the baby kicking. He’s SO active when I sit in the bathtub. A few nights ago, my husband felt baby kicking for the first time. My son tried, but he’s too impatient to wait. The two times the baby kicked while he had his hand on my tummy he was talking and bouncing and totally missed it. We’ll have to try again when he’s more relaxed and willing to chill a bit. 🙂


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7 Responses to “baby kicks!”

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where did u get that? i want one. im not pregnant yet, but probably will be in the next few months and i want one like that

it’s so exciting when hubby feels baby kick for the first time. He always had his hand on my tummy with #1, no he doesn’t much care to try and feel the baby often. It’s sad. I love feeling it move in me….it’s like my little thing that only I get to feel. Each baby feels different too. I’m going to miss feeling a baby move.

Ya, it’s definitely only me that gets excited to feel baby kick. He’ll ask sometimes if I can feel baby kicking. But he’s been thru it once and maybe it was more exciting then (that wasn’t with me) 😦 For me, it’s exciting each and every time I feel a kick. I get just as excited now as I did the first time I felt him kick. I’ll miss feeling baby too – but I’m not going to miss being pregnant.

So cute! If only it said “good lookin” underneath it, hehe.

As a non-momma, I was fascinated when my cousin was pregnant, can’t wait for that feeling one day too!! 🙂

Though I have no experience in this department….I do enjoy putting my hands on Rosie’s tummy and feeling her baby move! He/she is so big her whole tummy jiggles!!!!

And where can Auntie Jamie find that?

What a funny shirt! You have to get it.

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