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Posted on 14 March 2007. Filed under: baby, baby kicking, doctors appt, family, john krasinski, kids, pregnancy, the office |

My son has decided to grow his hair out – which I think is so great. He’s looking a bit shaggy right now, it’s at that in between stage so it’s a bit crazy 🙂 When he first decided he wanted to try growing it out I was trying to think of ideas for him. I mentioned John Krasinski and he said “No Way – I don’t want my hair like Jim’s (yes we are Office freaks here), besides Mom, the only reason you said him is because you think he’s cute.” LOL Okay…… well I’ll find somebody else. Nothing more had really been said until this morning. We had a friends little girl stay here last night because she had to take her son to the doctor out of town and wouldn’t be getting home until really late and she want to be dragging her home in the middle of the night on a school night. So this morning my son asked for a little help with his hair as he always does because he combs it a little crazy now that it’s long, he hasn’t quit gotten the hang of it. His friend asked why his Mom combs his hair and he said “because it’s getting long and so my Mom just helps me, I’m growing my hair like Jim.” I’m like who the heck is Jim? “You know that guy on The Office that you think is cute.” Ah…. ok. As he whispers to his friend – “My Mom really does think he’s cute.” 😛 LOL After we ended this fun conversation I showed my son some sandals in a catalog I’d found that I thought he might like (more like I was hoping he’d like them – cuz I liked them and wanted to buy them for him – hehe) Well he definitely liked the shoes, but he spotted this kids hair also and so not only does he want the shoes, he wants the kids hair too. I don’t think he’ll be buzzing his hair like he thought this summer if he plans on having this hair. (Sorry for the crappy pic – I didn’t put much effort into it – okay by the looks of it – I didn’t put ANY effort into it)

On another note…. I had a doctor’s appt. yesterday. He’s concerned about the dizziness because it’s happening while sitting. It’s not happening from getting up too quickly or over-doing it. He’s also concerned about the length of time it’s lasting and the fact that laying down isn’t helping. I’ve only been able to sleep it off. So far today I’m feeling excellent! Which is great and I’m crossing my fingers because today is scheduled to be a long day. He’s also concerned about stress right now – he saw my poor hand and asked what was up 😦 He said to go do something I enjoy. So I wonder if it’s okay to go play volleyball or racquetball? 😛 Kidding! I’d squish the baby for sure as I get a little competitive playing those two sports. It’s not un-common for me to leave the court bloody and bruised – from myself 🙂 Baby is kicking like crazy! I hate moving my hand from my tummy – I don’t want to miss one kick. When he gets to going – he kicks one right after the other and then he’ll take a little break and then he’ll start right up again. Crazy kid. The only time I would enjoy a little break is during the wee hours of the night and morning when I’m trying to catch a few winks and he’s waking me up because he kicks so hard. On the way to school this morning my son asked how my appt went. I said it went well and I didn’t have anything much to report. He says……. “Well, did they change the baby into a girl?” Ummmmm…… no sorry. I hope he gets used to this being a boy or we’re going to have issues I’m afraid.



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6 Responses to “shaggy do”

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That hairstyle is super cute!!!! I keep trying to convince D to grow his hair out but he doesn’t care. His dad hates him having long hair so his dad will eventually cut his hair.
I am sure that if D was adamant that he wanted to grow it out that his dad would let him try it.
Oh well….maybe someday I will see those gorgeous curls of his.

I’ve seen a lot of guys wearing their hair like that these days, it must be the “in” thing to do! 😀

I hope the dizziness disappears.. so you and bubs can relax a bit.

That’s adorable that he wants a sister so bad. Perhaps you’ll have to get pregnant again ;).

I wish I could get my sons hair shaggy, it’s just like mine was at that age…straight as a board. It needs to stay short. Perhaps it’ll go curly like mine has and he can be shaggy in his 20’s. I’m really tempted to dye it blue already though. It’s dangerous for my kids to have a hairdresser as a mom.

I love the office too! You’re son will look great with Jim’s hair.

Hope the stress & dizzy feelings go away & you start feeling great soon.

Hoping everything’s okay and you’re just having WAY too much fun to update. 😀

We LOVE The Office too. Your son is adoreable.

Hope the dizziness disappears soon.

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