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Posted on 20 March 2007. Filed under: baby, busy, driving, Everyday Life, family, kids, pregnancy |

Sorry for the lack of posting and commenting. It’s been crazy busy here and this was not on my list of priorities. Last Wednesday I had an out of town appt. Because of my dizziness my Dad took me, which was great, I didn’t have to worry. Plus we hit nasty weather on the way home, not for a long stretch, but it was enough that had I been alone I would have freaked out. I don’t like driving much at all. After my appt. that day I met my husbands ex MIL and picked up his daughter. Talk about a fun experience. (read: sarcasm) I’ve never met the woman before and she didn’t make a good impression. But oh well it took all of about 5 minutes and we were on our way. Just an un-comfortable situation, as maybe it was for her too, who knows. Anyway…. I was in for a couple days of fun trying to work and watch a 3 year old. I must say she did very good for not being used to being home with someone working. I have to tell this story because I thought it was hilarious. I got her all settled in upstairs watching Dora and headed downstairs to my office to get some work done. I had been working for quite some time when I heard little footsteps upstairs, so I stopped and listened, figured she was probably going to the bedroom to get toys. Then I hear from the top of the stairs….. “Hello? Anybody? Is there anybody here?” LMAO I hurry to the top of the stairs. She started giggling right away and asked where I’d been. She forgot I had been downstairs working and thought she was home alone! Thankfully she didn’t get scared – she just giggled. Thursday and Friday morning after we’d dropped my son off at school we declared it “Girl Day” since it was just the two of us and we’d sent the guy off to work and school. She thought that was pretty cool. She loved going into the school to pick my son up. This past weekend we had the Easter carnival and egg hunt to attend. Could have been a little warmer, but the kids had fun even with the wind and chilly weather. They played cheesy games and won cheesy prizes and gave cheesy smiles or half smiles for me to take pics 😛 Getting either one of them to smile is about impossible. After that we headed out of town for a visit with my husbands Grandma and a trip to Walmart. We bought the crib this weekend. Can’t wait to have the baby’s room done so I can set it up 🙂 Sunday wasn’t the most exciting day….. in the morning we all took our precious time getting ready and then we had a couple errands to run. While we ran the errands the kids went to Gramma’s (my Mom’s) to play. We planned a trip to the park after that, but the wind and rain stopped that from happening. So we sat and rested for a few minutes and then headed back out for the yucky long drive to drop his daughter off. It’s so quiet here right now I think I could hear a pin drop. Oh and last night we watched The Holiday! LOVED that movie!!


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6 Responses to “busy busy”

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Sounds like you had fun with the little girl. Little girl are so exciting, it made me laugh when I read that she asked if there was anybody home. How cute

Yay you’re back! An ex MIL sounds frightening…

That is WAY too cute that she didn’t freak when she thought that she was all alone.
Can you imagine how much stuff she would have gotten into if she had really be home alone?

Glad to see you’re just hectic busy! Sounds like an interesting couple of days. 😀

She sounds like a real cutie. That giggling is amazing.

Oh cool, I’m glad you liked “The Holiday”, because I haven’t seen it yet and it’s headed my way from Netflix. I’ll watch it this weekend. It looked cute!

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