sniffle, pout, cough

Posted on 21 March 2007. Filed under: pregnancy, sick |

A case of the ickies! Must. Make. Them. Go. Away. Seriously how can one person produce so much snot! I mean…. seriously….. when does it end? And why is it that no matter how many times you blow your nose it’s STILL there! You can blow and blow and blow and nothing comes out! And two seconds later – you sniffle again! Last night was a lovely night (read: sarcasm). A 2 a.m. anxiety attack was not in my plan for a restful night of sleep. After tossing and turning for at least half an hour and my husband asking me if I was ever going to get comfortable (Yes, I almost punched him – but I kept my cool knowing he had been sleeping and didn’t know that I had just been hit with an anxiety attack) I finally got up and drug myself to the orange juice jug. Which didn’t help any too much, but I was thirsty and craving OJ. I didn’t think it was ever going to pass, but about an hour later I was finally resting again, not sleeping, but at least I wasn’t thinking of running a marathon anymore. Then it hit me…… a damn Charley horse in my calf! ARG! I’ve been getting hit with these all of the sudden at night. What’s a girl gotta do to get a little rest and sleep around here! So that was my night and now part of my morning. Not an exciting post at all – sorry bout that.


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14 Responses to “sniffle, pout, cough”

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Bummer! That sux! Try taking a calcium supplement at night (like Citracal) for those leg cramps. Those nighttime leg cramps can be a symptom of calcium deficiency. Baby is probably taking calcium from your system to grow his little bones.

Leg cramps are also a sign of low potassium. Eat a banana or two a day and you should be able to avoid them.

Aaahhh, nothing like a restless night.

man, I’ve been having bad sleeps too!! Lovely third trimester hey? Can we take Adavan while pregnant? ANYWAY, sorry you feel soo gross. Something to make your nose feel better is a good rinse. If you mix 1/4 tsp salt and 1/4 tsp baking soda into a glass of warm warm water and then suck it up your nose until you feel it at the back and then kinda flip your head upside down so it gets way up in the sinuses and then blow it all out, do it over and over and then you’ll feel clear and clean for a long time. It’s great at the end of a cold to get all those thick boogers out too. I love it even though it’s kinda weird. Easiest to do in the shower.

Aw! you poor thing!
Not fun.

Feel better, lovey!

Owuuuu, I had charley horses in my leg! They come on so sudden, and it’s almost always at night. That and a foot cramp.

I hope you feel better! Eventually, the snot comes to an end, but I don’t know how.

You can’t take xanax or adavan but you CAN take Unisom ! It helps….trust me !

Oh and yeah…what Free and Rachel said…calcium and bananers…AND make sure you are drinking enough water !

Ok I’m done bossing lol.


HOLY SHIT! I have been having the SAME DAMN THINGS HAPPEN!!

NO JOKE!! I started freaking out because I haven’t had a charlie horse since I was pregnant!!


it sounds like one of my nights. let me just say, every couple should have a temperpedic bed, especially when the wife is pregnant. while on vacation, conor could feel EVERY move i made, and felt everytime i got up out of bed… but we came home and slept like babies.. (ones who sleep through the night..) haha. hope all is well and things get better for you. 🙂

Wow, I feel terrible for you. I can relate with the anxiety attacks, I used to get them all the time in the middle of the time. You’d find me in the fetus position at the foot of my bed trying to breathe deeply lol.

I hope you get better rest tonight 🙂

Get well soon.

I had the worst leg cramp ever this morning. It didn’t hurt like some of the others, but it wouldn’t release. It was horrible (this was after a full morning of bad pregnancy dreams).

Do the leg cramps go away, or are they staying until the baby is born?

Ahhh the joys of pregnancy. Hmm, craving OJ, I’m going to guess you’re having a boy? or you dont know? I hated oJ when i was pregnant…. Hope you feel better soon

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