i did it!

Posted on 26 March 2007. Filed under: baby, Everyday Life, family, kids, shutdown day |

I made it through Shutdown Day without even remembering. Just didn’t have time for the computer. It wasn’t until Sunday morning when I got the email from shutdown day asking to stop by the site and tell them what you did on shutdown day that I remembered about it. So, that worked out well 🙂

Had ourselves an interesting weekend. We’ll start with Friday night @ the grocery store. My son is very independent and if you try to help him with something he tends to get a little pissy. So he’s pushing the cart out of the store, the cart is full and he can’t see over it. I was holding onto the end of the cart helping him down the ramp so it didn’t get away from him. But that was going the wrong way in my son’s mind so he was going to go his own way. Well since he can’t see over the cart…… he obviously failed to notice the great big bump leading up to the higher sidewalk. So, when he turned the cart away from me he tipped the entire cart over. Cart lands on his foot. Groceries roll out of cart into parking lot. (Not far thank gawd!) Nothing like creating a scene.

Saturday morning I woke to see the neighbors had shown up in the middle of the night. This isn’t unusual, they always show up in the middle of the night and leave in the middle of the night. They only come stay at this house 2 or 3 times a year. It’s usually a man (in his 30’s), his girlfriend, and 2 kids (not sure if the kids are his or hers). I saw a car pull up and then back out quickly, it was the guy who takes care of the house while his friends are at their home in another state. Didn’t think much of it, until the cop pulled up. And then numerous other cars pulled up. My husband went out to talk to the guy who takes care of the house, he knows him from basketball. Turns out this guy went over to visit his buddy who was home for a job interview and found him dead :-(. He came home alone this time and he’d only been here for about 12 hours. I kept thinking how sad, we’re sleeping away over here and 50 feet away this guy is dying or dead. Not a clue what happened.

Husband got the perfataping started this weekend on our living room walls and one wall in the babies room. The guy who I asked to do it is extremely busy on top of dealing with his dumb ex-wife. So my husband decided to give it a try – looks great so far. I can’t wait for it to be done. The carpet is waiting for us and I need to get painting!


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4 Responses to “i did it!”

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I did that “dump out the cart” trick one day. It was sooo embarrassing. I still get nervous when I have to push my cart over a speed bump. 🙂

ahhh that would be terrible to find a friend dead. I must say i laughed a bit when i read about the cart tipping over… now everytime i go shopping i will think of this story

Awww damn those parking lots and grocery carts ! Been there lol…

I didn’t think the drink was that bad either, but the burps were !

Those run away shopping trolleys (carts) are horrible! I always somehow end up with the ones with the bung wheels…

And congrats on ShutDown Day! I completely forgot about it, as could be predicted! 🙂

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