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Last night I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants, which wouldn’t actually be very hard to do while pregnant. Hell sometimes I sneeze and I have to take off running to the bathroom! Anyway….. last night we decided to go for a walk and stop at the park to play. My son wanted to roller-blade. I thought we were going to the park that’s somewhat close to our house, I was wrong. He wanted to go half-way across town (it’s a small town). Halfway there he decided roller-blading wasn’t so much fun anymore and wanted his sandals. Luck was with us last night….. because just as he took his blades off and put his sandals on some friends rounded the corner. I waved them down to give them the roller blades so I didn’t have to carry them to the park and then back home. We ended up trading, we gave them the roller blades, they gave us their 3 year old little guy. Then our luck went away 😛 He was wearing slip on sandals which were impossible to keep on his feet so every few steps he’d lose one and we’d have to stop. Then my son got tired so he climbed on my husbands back. Then my friends son decided that’s what he wanted to do so he wanted on my back. Carrying one in the front and one in the back is not fun! I was so sore. And then he kept getting heavier, my husband said his eyes kept closing – great now I’ve got a sleeping 3 year old on my back! My son ended up getting down to walk and my husband took the sleepy little guy for me, phew, this momma was sore and tired. He woke up quickly when we got to the park 🙂 I kept seeing my friend’s son grabbing himself and I kept asking him if he had to go potty. Apparently he’s not made to go inside to go potty because next thing we knew…… he whipped his pants town, hiked his shirt up, arched his back and became a little fountain!! Seriously…. what do you do?! Can’t stop him mid-stream! So he just peed right there in the middle of the park. There were two other families there, but I don’t think they noticed. I laughed so hard I thought I’d be the one peeing in the middle of the park next! There have been two times we’ve tried to get my son to pee outside, because there was no other choice (no it wasn’t in the middle of a park :-)) He refused to go pee outside, but with no other choice he eventually gave in, but he did not like it at all.

My son lost another tooth yesterday at school. He left the tooth fairy this note….. (have you noticed that my son likes to leave notes :-))

This morning I asked my son if the tooth fairy was a boy or a girl. He said (like I was the dumbest person on the planet) “Mom…….. It’s the tooth FAIRY, boys aren’t fairies, girls are fairies.” Wellllllllll excuse me! LOL 🙂 I was just curious of what he’d say, I didn’t know if he still believed in the tooth fairy.

This past weekend, I had cleaned out my son’s backpack. I couldn’t figure out why he complained EVERYDAY that his backpack was heavy. Well I found out why……. it was full of rocks! He just realized this morning that it was lighter and the rocks were gone. Shit hit the fan! He’s SO mad at me for throwing out his rocks! Apparently they were his favorite rocks. Oops 😦 So I told him this weekend if it was nice we’d go to the river and he could find new favorite rocks.


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6 Responses to “boys”

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i just love those notes. i used to write things like that.. i also used to believe in the tooth fairy until i found all my baby teeth in one of my mom’s keepsake trinkets…so beware, if you collect the teeth, keep them out of little kids sight.. haha. 🙂

I wrap all of D’s baby teeth in paper towels and the put them in a ziploc baggie that I have in my underwear drawer.
That note was great.
D’s teacher mailed me something that he wrote about me at school. I am going to post it sometime and frame it. It was sooooooooo wonderful.

Rock in the backpack ?!?! Lmfao ! Omg really that is great …

My girls left the tooth fairy a note one night too, and she answered back –they corresponded for weeks without even mentioning it to me…good story about all of it I just remembered lmao …

How dare you take his FAVORITE rocks!! Isn’t it funny the things that kids are attached to?? I love the notes. Those are classic!!

Why is it the trips to the park, that are supposed to wear out the children, only succeeds in wearing out mommy???

I have the same problem with peeing when I am pg.

You have to keep those notes forever! I love it!

Thanks for all the laughs…hilarious!

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