why i don’t like neighbors…

Posted on 28 March 2007. Filed under: annoying people, bad neigbors, kids |

I think I’m a great candidate for country living. Build me a log cabin at the end of a long winding road, lined with trees and a little stream out back. Oh an some mountains for a backdrop wouldn’t hurt any either 🙂 Neighbors drive me crazy. Between the barking dogs, annoying little neighbor kids (and their parents who don’t have a clue what their kids are doing) and the drunks…… they make me want to scream. Now that’s it’s nice outside again, the neighbor kids who I’ve complained about before are back out and running. The other day the little boy was circling my house time after time. He never stopped to ask to play, he just walked around my house. Every time he’d come around the back he’d open the screen door and then let it shut on it’s own as he continued walking around. (reminding me every time that my door is annoyingly loud) A couple times he even took a break and sat down on the front steps. I don’t know who he was talking to but he sure had a lot to say, I don’t think he quit talking the entire time he circled my house. When he does come over to actually play, he’s not a bad kid, he’ll just drive ya nuts. Last time he showed up with roller blades on…… this was the conversation

Him: Can (my son) come out and play.
Me: He sure can, let me go see if he wants to go outside.
(while waiting for my son)
Me: Maybe (my son) will want to put his roller blades on. He’s still learning, maybe you can show him what to do.
Him: My sister doesn’t have them, only I wanted them.
Me: Oh.
Him: And they’re roller skates.
Me: Oh I have roller blades and they look just like yours.
Him: No they’re roller skates.
Me: Oh. (Maybe I’m just completely retarded 😛 )

My son finally came and had his roller BLADES in hand. He didn’t last very long on them, I guess the swing set looked more inviting. Then just yesterday the wind was blowing like crazy here and blew over the basketball hoop. I kept hearing this awful noise. Checked outside and sure enough the neighbor boy was back, trying to drag the damn hoop around. Another conversation……

Me: What are you doing?!
Him: Well why’s it like this?
Me: Because the wind blew it over.
Him: Why?
Me: Because the wind is blowing really bad. So just leave it alone.
Him: K
(a few minutes later……)
Me: Now what are you doing?
Him: Trying to lift it up.
Me: You’ll never lift that thing up, just leave it alone. I’m not even going to try. (My husband) will fix it when he gets home.
Him: K (and he continues standing there staring at it)
Me: Did you need something else?
Him: No

By this time, my son had come back to see what was up so he went out and played with him for a little bit. He has cement at his house, I don’t know why every time he puts his roller blades on he comes over and blades on my cement. It’s going to be a long summer with him.

Then we have the drunk neighbors who park behind their garage which is directly behind ours. No idea why they park there, I don’t even know if it’s actually their garage! No idea what they do back there. All we know is they are drunk and stupid. I’m just waiting for the day that they back up not knowing what’s going on and back right into my garage. Sometimes we’ll find them passed out back there.

Then we have the new neighbor girl who just moved in. People are in and out of that house all the time. And they seem to think the alley is the place to park. Why they can’t all park on the street is beyond me. We came home the other night and they were drunk and a couple of them came running out of the house yelling about who knows what. One was telling us he was having fun partying and needed to go get more drink, or something like that anyway. Fabulous so we’re surrounded by crazies.

Gotta get me that log cabin in the country…………


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4 Responses to “why i don’t like neighbors…”

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Sounds like you’ve got some interesting folks around your neighbourhood! We have some too… no wonder we don’t talk much to our neighbours, though. 🙂

A log cabin in the woods.. I could handle that!

Yep, I don’t miss living in town!!! I stayed home to keep an eye on Rosie and the baby….while I was home I saw THREE people. Two of which I knew were coming over. The third was the mail man. I LOVE country living!

This made me laugh, but I feel your pain. We had weird kids flocking near my home all the time when I was younger. Then there was a guy who would party in the backyard and light firecrackers all the time.

Now I live in an apartment, and yesterday I have no idea what was going on over my head, but it sounded like a T-Rex was stomping around up there. Made the photos on my wall vibrate. I don’t think I want to know what was going on.

Funny kid…tells you a lot about his parents. Getting away from the crazies always sounds nice.

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