i have a new “bed”

Posted on 2 April 2007. Filed under: baby, busy, Everyday Life, pregnancy |

I told my husband this weekend that it was his turn to be pregnant. I’ve done it this long, he needs to finish for me. I’m done tired. Okay….. so then I welcomed myself back to reality, put my big girl panties on and forgot about it 🙂 I haven’t been sleeping well in my bed because the only way I can be comfortable is sleeping on my left side. This is great for the first half of the night, but by the second half of the night my left side is going numb, my hip and back are killing me and the word comfortable doesn’t exist anymore. So I spend the rest of the night tossing and turning and not sleeping. Last night I decided I would try the recliner on the couch as my new bed. Fabulous! I woke this morning with no pain! I dread spending the 14 weeks on the couch, but if it means I get to sleep with less pain I guess that’s where you’ll find me. Prolly my husband too 🙂 He camped out on the couch with me last night.

We set out Saturday to look for paint for the baby’s room. I wanted brown and light blue, my husband hates blue, so I mentioned green. I should have known this would stick 🙂 That’s his favorite color. So we grabbed tons of samples and headed to the carpet store to see what looked good with the carpet. Also we had to drop off the dimensions of the room so that much carpet would be saved for us. Turns out the carpet is in a 12′ roll and we needed 12′-5″! Yep, that’s how my luck goes 😛 The carpet guy is super nice and said he wouldn’t be sounding like a very good salesman but said we should go look around and see if we could find a 13′ roll of carpet we liked in town. The cost to have him come over and seam it would be very expensive. We both really like this carpet so we hmmmd and haaaad over what to do for a minute until an idea hit me. We only need a few inches so why don’t we build a little ledge wall at one end of the room to make it 12′. Score one for me! It was the perfect idea! So the carpet guy cut us a chunk of carpet we could take home and look at the colors/carpet under our lights and with our furniture. We’ve decided on dark green on the bottom with a lighter taupe color on top. It’ll be separated with oak trim to match the door. Hopefully it turns out as gorgeous as it looks holding it all together. We started the planning of the ledge wall and my husband pointed out that the heat duct was in the way. SHIT! Yet again….. my luck 🙂 It’s still going to work, we have it half built now and we just need to have a guy come over and build that out. As soon as he gets that done, we’ll need to texture, then paint, then carpet. We have 14 weeks! Hope this Momma can make it. I can’t believe how quickly I’m tiring.


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8 Responses to “i have a new “bed””

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oh my goodness! So much to do!
14 weeks! My how time flies!

I’m glad you found a more comfortable bed to sleep on for the time being! A friend of mine had problems sleeping when she was pregnant, because she’d wake up with heartburn. Then she’d try to sleep and like you she had hip and back pain.

I don’t need a new bed, just a new husband who doesn’t snore and sweat and steal covers and squish me.

You sound like us! We remodeled half our house, then started the nursery! We did a light cream/darker beige on bottom. Try to post pics when you finish!!!

14 weeks, this pregnancy is flying by (for me). I remember the painful hips in the middle of the night. The couch doesn’t sound so bad. I’ll have to try that if I have a next time. 🙂

The room sounds great. Can’t wait to see pictures.

Ok, that is soooo sweet that hubs camped on the couch with you!!! “Good Boy”!!!

Hey —try http://www.etsy.com the whole site is handmade stuff..they have TONS of baby stuff and it is A-MA-ZING I swear it ! I got alot of blankies and bibs from there for Mimi.

The countdown is on 14 weeks will fly by ! Wooohoooo !

Awww… I’m jealous of your recliner! My bed is typically very comfortable, so it’s disappointing to wake up with very sore hips. I tried that peanut cushion by Jolly Jumper? Worst purchase ever!

14 weeks will go by really fast! Only 18 weeks to go for me!

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