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Posted on 3 April 2007. Filed under: baby, kids, pregnancy |

I’m in my typical state of freakin’ out over anything and everything today. My concern today: Crib Bedding. I HAD bedding picked out to go with my original brown/blue color scheme in the baby’s room. But somebody, we won’t name names (husband) 😛 , doesn’t like blue. We decided on dark green/light tan, which I love just about as much as my original choice. Problem is….. I cannot find bedding now for the dark green color scheme. Those who know me know that this is going to send me into a complete state of panic until I can find something to match. So that’s my mission now, 14 weeks and counting…….. I posted that pic up there to show my style – if any of you have ideas from previous ventures of looking for crib bedding, send them my way please. 🙂


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9 Responses to “freakin’ out”

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tell your husband that if he doesn’t want to be the one on the couch, he is gonna have to suck it up and like the blue. haha. i’m kidding. although the blue/brown is absolutely adorable and i went with pink/brown for our baby. if he isn’t willing to compromise… i’d suggest just typing “dark green/brown” baby bedding on google, click on images and get some ideas. try target, babies r us, and i’m not sure where else… but good luck!

i’m tired. i meant recliner… and also dark green/tan but i’m sure you knew that. 🙂

that blue/brown is soooo nice!!

I went to a fabric store and got all my stuff…there’s many sewers in the family so I didn’t have trouble getting it all made (they did though). My mom even went and got the quilt professionally….something…those lines they stick in it to make the filling stay put. I spent about 130 on fabric but only because the one I wanted was uber expensive and I NEEDED it!

Any sewers in your family?

Ok so I put that damn comment in the wrong place ! That’s what I get for not paying attention !

Ok, for the cool handmade stuff…I do wanna clarify that I don’t mean cool as in “look what great aunt Zada crocheted for me”..I mean like modern fun retro cool shit ! Ok shutting up now !


Here are a couple of ideas…

Of course these three might not be even close to what you had in mind, but hopefully it gets you started!

Oh, and this one would go nice in a beige/taupe and green room as well… but it’s more “themed” then your original choice.

Hmmm… I like what you’ve got going. I’d just go for it. heehee

I like the blue/brown too.
the sage/tan thing is really popular if you can convince him to not to DARK green. 🙂 lol That might be easier to find.

Yeah for shopping!

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