27 weeks and Easter

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I couldn’t resist today. As the baby was kicking the crap outta me this morning, I decided to catch it on video. So I pointed the web cam at my belly and started recording. It took me a few tries of recording to get movement right away instead of just staring at my belly for minutes on end. In the beginning of the pregnancy I had been taking pictures from the side to show progress and planned to put them all together at the end in a little video to see 9 months fly by in like 30 seconds or something. But…… I started slacking BIG time on this because as my clothes got tighter, the pictures weren’t turning out good because the bigger shirts were covering my belly completely and you just couldn’t really see anymore. I’m mad at myself for not making that work better. Maybe now I’ll get better and start getting some more pics. I’m going to try getting some more video along the way though. Well….. these last 13 weeks anyway. Yeah!! That was too exciting. I can’t wait to pick my son up from school today – I think he’ll think that is neat to see. He doesn’t have the patience to sit around waiting to feel movement.

We did the typical Easter kid stuff this weekend. Went to the Easter egg hunt at the park and dyed Easter eggs. I wanted to make Casatiello, but we didn’t get around to it. Might just have to make it late. Better late than never right 🙂 My son was sad this year for some reason when it came time to dye eggs. He cried saying he was an only child and wanted somebody to dye eggs with. I felt it wouldn’t be right to invite friends over for something like this because I see it as a holiday and most families want to spend it together. I called some friends who have 3 boys, the oldest being my sons age. My friend thought for sure her oldest would want to come over and dye eggs. She called me back a few minutes later and said he didn’t want too, but was wondering if her next youngest could come instead. That was absolutely fine with us. Get this……. they had NEVER dyed Easter eggs!! Can you imagine! Her little guy had tons of fun and my little guy was over-joyed to have a friend to dye eggs with. We also bought plastic eggs and filled them with candy and hid them around the house and they went searching for them. I felt bad that her little guy dyed Easter eggs for the first time here instead of at home. She just wasn’t worried about it, I have pictures I can give her if she’d like – at least she can see a little bit that way.

I’m at 27 weeks today. Exactly 3 more months til July 9th! It seems like forever, but then I think about all that needs to be done. The baby’s room isn’t done, I don’t have clothes out, I’m not ready with anything yet! The paint colors of the baby’s room are back up in the air! My husband spent some time searching for crib bedding to match and eventually I got an email from him saying he gives up. I don’t think he believed me when I said it was hard to find 😛 While shopping for egg dye the other day him and the boys had wandered one way and I went another in search of candy to fill the eggs. The boys came running back to me holding two pillows – picked out by my husband. And guess the colors…….. Brown and Blue!! 🙂 We bought them and we are now decorating the room based off these two pillows. I love them and can’t wait to see what we can come up with. He was giving me a hard time asking me if I realized we were decorating a baby’s room based off two throw pillows. Yep! 🙂


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7 Responses to “27 weeks and Easter”

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bahahaha. Did you tell hubby that he know understands how a woman can base her entire outfit on a pair of shoes?! LOL

I’m glad he gave in. The brown and blue was pretty. 🙂

i told you he better give in!!!! 🙂 teeheh. good luck on your last 13 weeks. i know how you are feeling. hopefully the time goes by fast. i feel like 5 weeks is forever but it’ll go by fast!

I can’t wait to see what you come up with for the baby’s room!!!

Eeek! 13 weeks – how exciting!

I can’t believe that you can see the baby moving from the outside already (well, it’s already in my head, but could very well be exactly on schedule). I’ve noticed that when I sit and read and balance my book on my belly it will jump sometimes – so cute.

Yay for blue and brown!! You’re making me want to change my baby room. I spent too much money on fabric though.

My sister got those plastic eggs to fill for Silas and now she fills them every time we’re over there. Silas loves it, once he finds one he brings it to you and dives in right when it’s open.

“DUDE! We live in Montana! Cancel school because of snow? Ya right!”

Here in NC they cancel school for a mere dusting of snow. And watching North Carolinians drive in the snow is both hilarious and dangerous.

That sounds so cute. Must be really hard and happy at the same time to be a pregnant mom. I wonder when my day will come for me to be a dad.


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