cancel school? ya right.

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Once again we woke up to MORE snow! It’s pretty nice out though, so I don’t imagine it’ll stay around long. But still I’m sick of the white stuff. I woke my son up to get him ready for school and he asked if school was canceled. DUDE! We live in Montana! Cancel school because of snow? Ya right! We’d have to have like 10 feet of snow and no power. He’s only 8 so I guess he hasn’t been living in MT for long enough to know that we don’t cancel school here. He was even more upset when he got to school and saw they had to play outside! haha They’ve been playing outside all winter when it’s 20 below and snowing, but today it’s 30 above and snowing and he’s freaking out about having to be outside for a little bit. He cracks me up. Those few days of really nice weather must have spoiled everybody and now we’re not used to snow again. It’s probably like the beginning of winter. After the first few snows, we are all panicked and don’t want to drive anywhere. Give us about a week and it’s all normal again and we’ll be driving in the blizzards thinking it’s completely normal 😛 (Well, not me, but that’s only because I hate driving in snow, rain, sun or dark. Pretty much just don’t like driving. I panic too easy over everything.)

I showed my son the video of the baby kicking after school yesterday. He said it looked like a baby chick trying to get out of the egg. I think he’s watched toooooooo many cartoons 🙂 I can picture the cartoon right now with the baby chick pushing on the egg and it looks just like my belly did yesterday.

I’m off to work and to do laundry. I said I’d go to a dinner/meeting thing with my husband for his work tomorrow. I’m dreading trying to find something somewhat decent to wear without looking like the complete run-down pregnant lady that I feel like or the gigantic blob I’m feeling like right now. So I’ll get everything washed and hopefully come up with something that’ll work. I work at home and don’t get out to places that I need to be dressy for, so when I shopped for maternity clothes (the few I’ve bought) I had COMFORT in mind 🙂


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5 Responses to “cancel school? ya right.”

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In TN, they cancel school for everything.. and I literally mean everything. Rain, Snow, Wind, Ice, Heat… etc.

Anyhow! Don’t feel bad.. I’ve been told at 30 weeks I didn’t look pregnant, and all I could think is.. “how?”. I had the doctor telling me I was gaining too much and I had other people telling me I looked pregnant. It’s like.. you want to look pregnant because that’s a sign you are so close to the finish line.. but maybe we underestimate ourselves… I don’t think I look as pregnant as I really do because I can’t see gradual change. Take some belly photos, if not to share with everyone, at least for yourself.. I did that and now I see the big difference… You would too. Check it:

My advice is just to ignore people. Everyone has their own idea of what a pregnant woman should look like.. and it’s funny that it mainly comes from people who have never had kids. haha. Good luck 🙂

Ohhhh the video would be just precious! 🙂

Can’t believe you guys have snow. So jealous!

We’ve got snow too… But it’s a rain/snow mix, so it won’t stick around long at all.

I wish I got to work from home. Though I probably wouldn’t get anything done, since I’d be outside with the horses! LOL

It’s been snowing up here too (in Alberta). I laughed all winter long, while all of Texas shut down for a little ice (I know that they have no way to deal with it, but it was still funny to me).

They canceled school once or twice when I was younger – mainly if it got to below -40. I was always jealous of hearing all the other school closures in other places in the world!

I panic too when driving. I’m more nervous while driving in lots of rain (I could be going 30mph and still be afraid of hydroplaning) and especially the freakin snow. Each year I vow I’m going to move to a warmer climate, but I never mean it.

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