Listerine Agent Cool Blue Mouthwash Recall

Posted on 12 April 2007. Filed under: Uncategorized |

I thought I’d post this in case any other little kiddies are using this stuff. My son loves it and has been using it for quite some time. The Listerine Agent Cool Blue mouthwash has been recalled. Go here for the story. It does say the risk for illness is low so I was relieved to hear that. Just wanted to let you all know, in case you hadn’t seen it.


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9 Responses to “Listerine Agent Cool Blue Mouthwash Recall”

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Darnit!!! My son has this too. He loves it.

My daughter a 8 year old started using it two days ago and has been complaining about stomach pain and loose motion since last night. She is at the doctor right now with her mom. The Cool Blue website says it has low but serious risk.

Does anyone know what kind of serious risks they are talking about? Their phone lines are busy.

Rachel: My son is going to be so bummed too. Maybe they’ll get it fixed all up for us so the kids can use it again. The whole blue tinting thing was a fabulous idea.

Kamran: My son is 8 also, we have never had any problems from it. Sorry, I don’t know what the risks are – I wasn’t able to find anything either. Hope you’re daughter is okay.

she is a high-risk child and was born extreamly premature at 6 months.


The risk is low, the organisms that would end up in the mouthwash would most likely be ones that were already in your child’s mouth (i.e. the preservative doesn’t keep that bacteria coming from their mouth when they sip out of the bottle controlled).

The risk is low because it is not being swallowed and odds are the child is being exposed to same bacteria they already have in their mouth.

I had same problem with the phone lines so I went to the website which has info too.

I agree– I’m 12 years old and I too use Agent Cool Blue, along with my family and friends. Just yesterday, my mom found out about the germs in it, and we insantly called my cousin, Carry, to warn her about that stuff, because just a week ago, when me and my family used Agent Cool Blue, a day later, we were all sick. For some reason, I stoped using it, and I got better faster. Later, my brothers got better, then my mom and dad. Why, just last night I poured all the Agent Cool Blue. The stuff even tastes bad!!!
Gosh, and to think I only used it ONCE and still have the disgusting taste in my mouth!!

Saw your comment about the show.. I have mixed feelings on it right now. I suppose I expected too much of it. I think it was a little too unrealistic. It is funny, but I couldn’t help but think… “Who is really like that!?”

yeah, i understand. i think i went into it with too much expectation, and all the craving things, and the breastfeeding stuff.. i just.. i will totally have to give it another try. it was rather funny though. 🙂

I love that stuff.I was about 8 when I used that stuff.Now I’m 10 years old.I never got sick at all.>:( I hated the recall.

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