i can’t win…

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Yesterday morning was a very exciting morning here at our house. It was supposed to be closed to 70 – finally NO snow! 🙂 My son decided he wanted to wear his snow pants! Honest!! He said there was a small pile of snow at school and he couldn’t roll around in it if he didn’t have snow pants. Mom’s fix……. Then don’t roll around in the snow – which by noon would have probably been a puddle of water anyway. It was a very long morning with a naughty little man arguing over this issue. Just so ya know…. He DID NOT wear snow pants to school. When I picked him up yesterday I asked him how his day was, he said good. I then asked him if he was glad he didn’t have snow pants. He wouldn’t look at me, but a little “yes” popped out. Then he told me he was glad he didn’t have them because he would have been really hot.

So today he wanted to wear shorts. What a change from yesterday 😛 Because the winds are supposed to be around 30 mph I told him he could but he needed to wear a sweatshirt on to help keep him warm in the mornings as it’s a little cool out still. So he put on his shorts, a t-shirt and a sweatshirt. Then told me how he thought it was crazy that he was wearing shorts with a sweatshirt. He said my wearing capris and a sweatshirt is completely different. I told him just to trust me and wear the sweatshirt. So he did but he wouldn’t leave the house without his winter coat?! WTF?! So he’s laughing at me telling him to wear a sweatshirt with shorts, but it’s okay to wear a winter coat with his shorts?! I’m SO confused 😛 lol

Counting the days until baby……. 82!

A belly pic today 🙂 I got a couple maternity tanks from Old Navy – these have got to be the most comfortable things ever to wear! I love them!! I just may spend the next 82 days in them 🙂

My view……


We saw a maternity shirt the other day that said “Beauty, Brains and a Belly” But these pictures make me want a shirt that says “Boobs, Belly and a Butt” They seem to make more sense for my pregnant body 😛

My son keeps asking me if I’m going back to volleyball when I get skinny again and I’m done being fat from the baby. He said it’s good that I’m fatter right now because the baby needs extra padding. Good thinking on his part I thought.


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11 Responses to “i can’t win…”

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Super cute belly pics.
They have much better maternity clothes now then they did 10 years ago.

My butt has been sticking out way farther now with my belly too! Must be something about our bodies wanting the counter balance.

I’m going to take some more belly pictures tonight. It’s been a week or two since I have.

Oh, and Old Navy Tanks? So cute! Provided they don’t have the built in bra – so unhelpful!!!

Rachel: With my last pregnancy I didn’t buy maternity clothes. It was sweats and sweatshirts. I bought some this time – I do like to feel dressed and ready to go during the day. There’s more going on now a days too.

Kait: Can’t wait to see pictures! No built-in bras in the Old Navy tanks I bought. They are just super comfy. I don’t like wearing big bulky shirts – so these fitted tanks are SO comfy while I’m working at home all alone. I’ve never found a tank with a built-in bra that I like – have you?

So cute! Your shape is great – you’ll be back to fit in no time! (though I’ll still appreciate having a WW buddy!)

Awe, I think the pictures are cute!!! Don’t be so hard on yourself!!!

Yay for tummy photos, you’re carrying high just like me. Not so good for keeping little toes out of the ribs.

I just buy those long tanks and shirts from Bluenotes or whatever teenybopper stores have them, they work great and they’re uber cheapo.

Aimee: You’re getting a WW buddy 🙂

SC: Thanks – I need to get better about taking pics like I used to – so I can see the progress. Maybe it’ll help the last 82 days fly by.

Pluckymama: These tanks weren’t too spendy at all – got them on a 2 for deal. And since they are fitted – they don’t look real maternity anyway – so I imagine I’ll be using them for years to come 🙂 I wore my long shirts from AE for a long time – they worked great until they just weren’t long enough anymore. I’m always jealous of you guys that have many stores to shop at. We have 2 stores to shop for clothes – and you either need to be a little kid, a teeny bopper or a much older lady. What a selection!

You’re looking beautiful! Not long at all, considering how fast the year is going! Wait, is that a good thing for you or a bad thing? 😛

Love the belly shots!

you have a great pregnant tummy. Awww i miss mine

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