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Posted on 19 April 2007. Filed under: baby, baby kicking, Everyday Life, family guy, notes from the underbelly, pregnancy, sleep, work |

What a night. I got a whole 2 hours of good sleep. I think the only good thing that came out of last night this morning was watching The Family Guy at like 3 am. It was hilarious and of course everything is ten times funnier when you’re overly tired. I’ve tried getting it to work so I could post the video in here, but lack of sleep isn’t helping my frustration. So just go here.

I missed Notes From the Underbelly last night. But I am catching it right now on ABC‘s Full Episode Player. How great is this thing! Okay, I’ve finished watching. I still like this show. So the people are a little crazy, it was real life stuff last night. Worrying about money is definitely a big fear for me. I work full-time from home so when I got pregnant I thought oh this will work out perfectly. I can still work and have baby at home and things will be perfect and yada yada yada, no daycare, yada yada yada. And then reality hit…. you mean I have to work full-time AND take care of the baby full-time?! Oh boy……… I have a friend who works for the same company as me and she’s been doing it for about a year now with her baby and work. She recently just started going back into the office due to some changes so she now gets out of the house for a while. She’s loving it. She’s remembering what it’s like to be OUTSIDE of the home for a while and interact with adults and carry a conversation with an adult (a face-to-face conversation, not a conversation via phone, e-mail or MSN). I have no other choice but to continue working so I’m sure it’ll be all fine and I’ll make it work. I’m used to that – it’s my personality….. I might not like what life throws my way, but I’ll make it work.

And with a gigantic kick to the rib I’m off to work 🙂


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4 Responses to “runnin on E”

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More power to you, if you can work from home full time. I’d go stir crazy, I know that much!!!

i agree. i did enjoy it last night… and that was a definite issue when i first found out i was pregnant.

No sleep messes up everything! Hope tonight is better! Hang in there!

Great attitude! I’ll be crossing my fingers for you b/c it is NOT easy.

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