out of my comfort zone

Posted on 24 April 2007. Filed under: Everyday Life, family, new vehicle |

What a birthday present my husband got yesterday. I guess I got a present on his birthday too 😛

I’m out of my comfort zone now though. Which has sent me into a total state of panic and shock. I don’t like diving into big things like this. I was comfortable with just the house payment. We planned on selling the truck, but quite obviously took a different route. I was hoping for NO car payments for a while to get through me not working for a bit after baby is born and getting everything caught up and running smooth again after going back to work. So this is a huge deal for me. It’s nice to have a more family friendly vehicle than the truck. The kids were just too squished in the back. I’ll be used to it soon and maybe the dollar signs will quit flashing in my eyes……. or the number 76 (the approximate number of days before baby is here).

The good stuff….. it’s amazing to drive. It’s loaded beyond loaded. And it’s always fun to have something new of course. (I’m personally fine with a new pen or something like that 🙂 )


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17 Responses to “out of my comfort zone”

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How exciting! You probably feel like it’s a very big responsibility, but after a couple of months of making the payment, you’ll realize it will be ok!

My husband is quite a bit like you – he’s not fond of monthly payments, and buying something new (like a car) is a very big deal to him. We just bought an SUV last fall, and it took a little while for him to like the idea. Now, he’s happy with the car, and we know that there aren’t going to be surprise mechanic bills (like with our old beater). Plus, he’s happier knowing that we’re safer, and that when this baby comes, she’ll be safe too!

That is a pretty snazzy ride.
What kind of SUV is it?

How i LOVE my wife. i got to witness today why i cant win and arguement. She is ruthless. to fill all you in i was talking with my EX about medical bills for my daughter and getting nowhere. Reformatting took the phone out of my hand and went off on the crazy ex. i am so glad that i am married to this wonderful lady.

PS dont piss off Reformatting

Kait: I’m such a penny pincher and I don’t like big bills. I have my comfort zone and always have. I’ll get used to it though. I was feeling better after getting all the insurance squared away and finding out our insurance bill is WAY cheaper now.

Rachel: It’s a GMC Envoy XL SLT

Daniel: I just don’t like putting up with shit – I’ve been taken advantage of FAR too many times. And geesh don’t make me sound like a terrible person 🙂 To all my internet friends – I’m really nice – I’m just trying to make things as fair as they can be. Many of us know how fun it is dealing with exes.

LOVE the new ride!!! How funny—we’re both getting ready for a new addition and keep adding other things too!!!! You’ll absolutely love that vehicle. I drove an Xterra for years, then downsized to the BMW, wow–what a change! You’ll feel so safe in it too.
Now, whats for your birthday………

Love the comment from Daniel too!! You go girl!! Nothing wrong with getting your shit taken care of, you don’t have to take it from no one!!!! Exes are such a blast!

Beverly: Good question…… my birthday is not too far after baby’s birth so that’s going to be my birthday present 🙂 As for the ex….. I won’t even get started

Good for you! That is a great present! We’ve been looking at buying an SUV too. My car & hubby’s truck are just impossible with a kid (stroller, bags, etc). 🙂

See? In six months time, you’ll just be happy about the new car, and you’ll not even think about the bills (until the last one goes out and you do a happy dance!)

But also _ BIG!
I’d totally be crashing into things. 😀

I can’t wait until Vern and I can afford to upgrade to something similar!!! We are squished too, but it’ll have to do for now.

Very nice. I think i need to get one too

oops i was signed in under my hubby’s name

Nice wheels! And don’t forget about the new car smell! New everything, actually! I’m going to get a new car next time, and not get one of those “certified” used cars like I have now. I don’t like inheriting old car problems.

I can see how dealing with a new purchase like that would be jarring to the nerves, though.

Yay, countdown to baby time!

Enjoy your new car. Lord knows we need one too.

Comment on your comment: no worries. Even if your eggs are fertilized and you hunt, I still love ya! 🙂

NICE car! It looks ginormous compared to my little silver baby!

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