wanna come to supper?

Posted on 27 April 2007. Filed under: bull snake, family, food |

Yes my fellow bloggers, that’s what we ate for supper last night. Bull Snake. Once I got past the thought it was SO good! My husband was driving from location yesterday and saw it on the road, so he stopped and (I’ll leave the “icky” part out for you animal lovers-even though you probably eat beef and/or pork……. and well that doesn’t magically appear in the grocery store) brought it home to skin and eat. I’ve never seen the inside of a snake – wow – it’s EMPTY! I half expected to see a mouse or something in there, but there was nothing. My son had a couple friends over so they got to watch also. I was a bit worried their mom might not be too happy, but she said she was glad they got to see it here because her and her husband wouldn’t be doing anything like that ever. The heating guy was over working on the heat duct in the babies room, he said he’s not tried snake (too freaked out), but his buddies have and they said it tastes like chicken. My husband thought it tasted more like pheasant. Whichever….. it’s good. My son tasted it and I think he just couldn’t quite get past the thought, because he chewed it for a while and then spit it out. We put Alpine Touch seasoning on it (as we do with everything, meat, potatoes, veggies 🙂 it’s the best) and he had to have been tasting that mainly. Anyway…. I get to add that to my list of foods I’ve tried.


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10 Responses to “wanna come to supper?”

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That sounds like something I wouldn’t mind taste-testing. I’ve never eaten snake before. A few summers ago I went to Arizona with a friend of mine. We were in a gift shop and I found a postcard with a rattlesnake recipe on the front. I had to post it once I got back home. Haven’t tried the recipe yet.

My husband cut the meat off for me. He would have just cut it up and ate it in pieces, but I didn’t want to venture to that right away. I just wanted to try the meat. The thought of eating the snake off the bones like that made me a little uneasy 🙂 You’ll have to try that recipe sometime. It sounds very good. We put Alpine Touch on ours and then fried it in Olive Oil.

Hmmm… You know, I would try it if someone offered it, but I’m not sure that I would consent to killing it, cleaning it, cooking it and THEN eating it. I guess I’m just too much of a city girl! 😆

I would try it if it was prepared. Even though I have many family members that live on a ranch, I like to make myself think that meat magically appears. 🙂

Kait – I figure I’ll try anything once 🙂 We don’t have any cities around here. I’m SO not a city girl 🙂

FFG – I think half the world doesn’t think about where hamburger actually comes from 🙂 lol

oh my word, i dont htin i could mentally prepare myself to eat a snake

Ohhhh I don’t think I’d be game enough to eat a snake. =X

I think it’s different, knowing where hamburger comes from, and having to go kill it yourself. It’s just different.

That’s so cool!!!

I guess I’m a little curious about why you ate the snake. or rather, why you killed it. No problem over eating it, but bullsnakes are so useful. I’ve had rattlesnake when I was young but wouldn’t go out of my way to kill one unless it was too close to my house.

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