weekend and 30 weeks

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Silly String!

Another busy tiring weekend has come and gone. And I can tell you one thing I learned….. when you’re 30 weeks pregnant…… you SHOULD NOT play kickball. I’m SO sore! But it was certainly fun 🙂 Now I just suffer the consequences. Saturday we walked down to the Car/Motorcycle show, then to the park, then to the Ice Cream shop. The walking, playing and hot sun drained us all, which made for a nice nap for all 🙂 My son spotted silly string at the store so we picked some up last week and saved it for the weekend. As you can see – he had a blast. My husband’s daughter did not like it at all, so it turned into a Mom/Son war with silly string 😛 Sunday my son had a friend over and we bought more silly string and those two boys had war. I wanted to get more pictures but trying to get them to wait would be like trying to solve the world’s problems in 30 seconds.


I’m 30 weeks today…… 10 weeks left. Little guy had the hiccups the other night at about 2 am, which left me wide awake and feeling like crap. I do not like the feeling of hiccups. I think I’d rather have a foot in my rib. I have not been having the dizziness like I used to, it’s here and there, but not near as bad. It’s being replaced with extreme back pain. I’m used to having daily back pain because of scoliosis, but when pregnant that back pain is 10 times worse. It is finally time to get back to work on babies room. Our heating guy got the extension on the heat duct so now it’s time to get busy. And I was panicking somewhere around 25 weeks. Now I only have 10 weeks!


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7 Responses to “weekend and 30 weeks”

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Had you heard about the girl who had chronic hiccups? She was on the news for awhile there and she could not stop her hiccups. They didn’t know where she got them. I hope those were resolved.

I miss silly string, I should get some.

Today is my due date, and my little girl has had the hiccups 2 or 3 times a day for the past week. It’s driving me INSANE!

10 weeks can seem like such a short time when it comes to getting things ready, and such a long time when you still have to be pregnant for 10 weeks.

the hiccups only get worse it feels like. now she has the hiccups and not only does my whole belly shift, it feels like they are coming from my butt. haha. good luck with that. 10 weeks left!! that’s so awesome. i bet you are so excited. i am excited for you… i am on the last stretch.. 3 weeks or something but i feel like she will be stubborn and won’t come on her due date. watch me be a week late. ha.

thanks for the comment about the baby’s room. it made me smile.


kickball?! haha.

oh, that hiccup thing sounds so unfun. I hate having them myself!

Looks like you had a lot of fun this weekend. I should totally get some silly string – I never was allowed when I was a kid and now? I have never found a reason. But maybe I should! 🙂

10 weeks! Wow! I hope that the time goes by pretty fast for you.

Right now (26 weeks), I still like the feeling of hiccups – mainly because there’s room for Kitten to thrash around without making everything on my outside bounce! 🙂

HA! You’re like me, we’re still trying to finish up the babies room too, with 9 1/2 weeks to go!! Playing kickball—-I did that last week and learned the hard way too!!! What kind of bike do you guys have??? Hubby had to get a new “baby” before the actual one comes, I guess it’s only fair…..

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