you’ve been warned…

Posted on 7 May 2007. Filed under: baby, Everyday Life, family, pregnancy, squirrels |

I’m bad luck. I hope it’s not possible for bad luck to rub off on any of you. It seems everyday there’s something new. Last night while scrubbing my bathroom I found a hole. No… not the holes in the drain, not the hole in the toilet and no not the hole where closet doors should be. A hole in my wall! Not to mention….. bubbled sheet rock 😦 Seems the tub is leaking where the surround pieces meet and running down my wall, soaking my sheet rock and making a nice hole that’s in a real crappy spot to fix. Can someone please stop the Earth from spinning…… I want to get off.

The good side of things…… we took a trip out of town yesterday and bought some much needed baby stuff. We are still needing a few more things, but it was a good addition. We bought a couple different brands of diapers to try and see what we like. I have a feeling I’ll be wanting to go back to my Huggies Supreme’s like I used with my son. But we’re giving these cheaper brands a try. We also bought a bird/squirrel feeder. Now our little squirrel won’t have to eat on the ground anymore. Seems the squirrel hogs it from the birds though. I was watching him this morning and he was NOT about to give up that feed to the birds. There were a couple blue jays flying around and they stop and watch the squirrel for a moment and then fly back up to the trees.

Mr. Squirrel has been sitting here for so long I’m wondering if he’ll be able to run back up the tree 🙂


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10 Responses to “you’ve been warned…”

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the kirkland diapers from costco are just as good as huggies!

LOL – oops, the link didn’t work – let me try it again.

OK – I give up … here it is in the plain way … Seventh Generation.

pluckymama: Costco is a 4 hour drive for us 😦 If we ever make it there, I imagine we’ll be stocking up. Thanks for the info 🙂

Paula: I’ll check these out – Thanks! 🙂

Cutie little squirrel! There are squirrels at my dad’s house that are SO FAT from eating the dog’s food. They are little garbage disposals those squirrels.

Hey!! I’m with you on the no sleep thing. I told hubby the other night I needed a recliner desperately!! We opened the pool REAL early this year so I can float and soak!! I may move into a raft and live in it for the next 5 weeks or so!! We’re almost there though!!!

Good luck with the tub! At least you found it while cleaning & not because of a disaster.

I definetly pick huggies over pampers. I like kirkland as well, but i find that huggies are better for night time. Kirkland leaked on me and I had to change her at night, with huggies i don’t change her and they dont leak

Aimee: I’m hoping we can keep the squirrels out of the garden spot by feeding them on the other side of the house 🙂

Beverly: Oooooh I wish it was warm enough for the pool here. My Mom will be setting up her pool soon I bet.

FFG: Thanks…. I need all the good luck I can get

Kristy: I’ve always picked Huggies over everything. We took diapers out last night to compare and oh boy…… I wish I could win a supply of Huggies Supreme’s. That old saying “You get what you pay for” is SOOOO true.

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