welcome to my body braxton hicks

Posted on 9 May 2007. Filed under: baby, braxton hicks contractions, pregnancy |

Woah baby…. yesterday I had 1 braxton hicks contraction. I didn’t think anything of it. Today…… that’s a whole ‘nother story! I’ve had numerous small contractions. How many is normal? I’ve had at least a dozen of them, I think it’s actually a higher number. Very small, not very painful and not lasting very long – just surprising when you’re not expecting them. I do not remember these from my first pregnancy, although this pregnancy is far different than the first one. I was feeling really good today, but I’m getting a terrible sore back after all these small contractions.


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4 Responses to “welcome to my body braxton hicks”

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i have them all day long but they are very sporadic. i guess they become actual contractions when they are able to be timed for hours… i never understood it.. i still don’t. but i just wanna let you know that i have the same thing happening to me. i hope your back feels better!

Mine last pregnancy could be timed by the clock, 3 mins apart usually. I think anything at the point is normal. Like my feeling like there’s a baby on it’s way out my anus every time I have one. I like how they feel though although they got painful enough tonight to make me think the baby might be here. Alas they stopped, as usual.

Cheeky baby… I hope you get some rest for your back soon!

I never had them, but ouch! I feel for you. On a plus note, aren’t they supposed help move the pregnancy along faster? Perhaps, you will not have to go 40 weeks. 🙂

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