31? 34? 35? boy? girl?

Posted on 10 May 2007. Filed under: baby, baby due date, braxton hicks contractions, doctors appt, pregnancy |

Oh boy…… yesterday turned into some fun. I ended up calling my doctor as the number of small contractions I was having was through the roof. They weren’t terribly painful still, but they were constant and since I didn’t have them with my first pregnancy they had me wondering what was up. He asked that I come in immediately because he didn’t like that and said that was far too many for only 31 weeks. So to the hospital I went. I was hooked up to the machine where it showed baby’s heartbeat and my contractions. Baby’s heartbeat was staying pretty normal, but spiking here and there and the contractions were staying similar to what they were at home, not huge, but there were still many of them. The replacement doctor I will have while my doctor is away was there last night. I’m not sure I’m too thrilled with him, but I guess I have to deal. He’s a very concerned and caring doctor, but he has a terrible dry sense of humor, which will take some getting used to. After about an hour and a half he sent me to have an ultrasound to check things further. He was concerned the umbilical cord may be wrapped around baby because every time he’d mess with my belly baby’s heartbeat would go high. And this my friends….. is where the fun starts. I was watching the numbers as she measured me wondering why they seemed so high. She asked if doctor had measured me the day before at my appt and if he had said anything. I said yes, he said I was measuring big. She said that was exactly what she wanted to hear. According to doctor I’m at 31 weeks right now. According to the ultrasound I’m at 34 or 35 weeks!!!!! And we had told her they thought it was a boy at the 20 week ultrasound and she kinda laughed and said ooooook. Both her and the new doctor saw girl. She tried for quite some time to get baby to move around so we could see again, but he/she would NOT cooperate at all. Not to mention….. right now baby is breech. Fingers crossed (please everybody!!) that baby turns. Doctor checked my cervix and I’m not dilated at all but I am effaced 30% already. Talk about a BIG waiting game now…… I have NO idea what’s going on. I had a few contractions last night after my 5 hours of sleep was up. After a huge glass of OJ I did get a few more winks of sleep. I’m now off to start drinking my three-quarters of a gallon of water – yippee…… Hope I saved all my receipts for baby clothes – I think I’ve got them all stuck with the clothes in their bags still in the dresser. My putting off washing them may have been a good thing 🙂 I guess I’ll be packing a bag with boy and girl stuff and the rest will just have to fall into place. I have to make an appt to see the replacement doctor for next week. I’m guessing he’ll do some more checking.

Yesterday I talked everybody into tearing apart more of the baby’s room to finish it correctly the first time, thanks to my big mouth 🙂 I didn’t want to do half now and carpet and paint and trim and then tear the other half apart and ruin all that stuff and start all over. So baby’s room just may not be finished which will be fine for a little bit. I don’t think he/she will mind.


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14 Responses to “31? 34? 35? boy? girl?”

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WOW! talk about a surprise!!!! you are even closer now!!! and just think, when the baby comes out, that will be an even bigger surprise.. BOY, GIRL? wow! The baby probably won’t sleep in the nursery for a few weeks so once he/she is born, you will have a better understanding of what color to do it in. ha ha! what an eventful appointment you had. please keep us posted. in a way, it’s exciting… at least for me 😀

That is exciting! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that baby moves out of breech. 🙂

Oh my gosh! Now, that is an amazing scenario. Just when you think the medical field has got most things figured out, they throw you into a loop.

How crazy!! I had my u/s today and I still have a girl, but she’s breech too! I’m right at 34 weeks too!! I go back May 24 so they can do another ultrasound and turn her if needed, yuck! I so hope both of ours decide to turn on their own! HHmm, so you have a 50/50 chance of either still, thats exciting! Good luck and keep us posted!

I feel the same way about the c section. I know some women prefer them but not I!! That whole process freaks me out!! I’m hoping she’ll turn on her own but we’ll see. Good luck with the nursery!!!!! I love the furniture we (you and I) picked out, it looks great!! I really wanted the stroller system like you have but can’t find it around here.

ooo I hope the heshe turns for you. Your son would be soooo happy if it was a girl. You shouldn’t tell him so he’ll be surprised! Anyway, best of luck, just know I’m suffering with the contractions as you are, I feel your pain!

wow. That was an intresting night for you. Hope you get the gender you want.

Oh my gosh !!!!! Well it’s much less scary (contraction wise) knowing how many weeks you actually are…. 😀

Thinking of you!

Wow! If you feel like browsing online check out http://www.sandboxcouture.com, they have such cute baby clothes!

Oh this is so exciting! I hope the baby’s room gets done soon and you’re all ready for the delivery, and that the baby is ready soon too!

What a day! Will keep fingers crossed for you that all goes well, when it finally does. *sending happy labour vibes* 🙂

This is nuts!!!! But it sounds like you and baby are healthy, and that is ALL that matters!!!

Are you excited by the idea of a girl???

OH baby blessings! Can’t wait to check back! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

Hey. thats VERY interesting!! to be honest i think the same thing is happening to me too. i swear im further along than what they say. ive been in the hosp for contractions too and they said i wasnt dilated but the hosp i go to is well… not the best. my old doctor wont even tranfer my records. but they tried to say im 7 months and i think im right at 35 weeks…those are the symptoms im havin not to mention hes dropped!!! so i feel whats goin on with you. keep in touch!! hells_temptations89@yahoo.com or myspace

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