30 some odd weeks and other

Posted on 14 May 2007. Filed under: 8 year olds, baby, busy, doctors appt, Everyday Life, family, Kid Time, pregnancy |

Why is it that now that I have no idea how far along I actually am and no idea what I’m having, other than the obvious…. a baby πŸ˜› everybody and their dog is asking when I’m due and if it’s a girl or a boy. Or maybe it just seems like more and more people are asking. Every time someone asks now it requires an explanation of why I have absolutely no idea. I’m going to the doctor again this Wednesday and I’ll be seeing the replacement doctor.

The weekend wasn’t extremely busy. We took another trip out of town and picked up a couple girl outfits to have on hand just in case. We can always return them if we don’t need them. We also bought 3 different types of bushes and my husband did a little landscaping job in front of our house – it’s going to look so nice when they are full-grown. Which will take a few years – bummer – it’s one of those things I wish could happen over night.

Mother’s Day was nice. We spent it at my parents house and helped set up the pool. Which is why my arms are now bright red and still quite warm to the touch. But, give them a day or two and they’ll be back to my normal pale pale pale white πŸ™‚

The weeks already proving to be a busy week. We helped do paper mache in my son’s class this morning, nice and messy job. Wouldn’t you know the other little boy I was helping was the world’s biggest whiner. He whined that he didn’t like the goop on his hands, he whined that he didn’t like how it smelled, he asked me every 10 seconds if he could wash his hands yet, he whined that it dripped on his pants and/or shoes. I kept thinking….. kid…. I’m bent over, holding the weight of this baby, my back is killing me, this goop is all over my pants and in between my toes (because I was wearing thongs) and you don’t hear me whining do you?! I asked if he had ever played in the mud, as I was going to compare it to that, getting dirty and muddy, but nope….. I have the one kid who says he’s never played in mud – wtf?! Then I said has your Mom made pancakes, because that’s exactly what this stuff looks and feels like…….. nope his Mom doesn’t make him pancakes. It was interesting, but I just kept talking a hundred miles an hour to him (which is totally normal and typical for me) and we got through all 3 layers. Phew! πŸ™‚ Went back to work and got a bit done, then headed back out to school for the walking “race” the kids are doing. Each time around the track you grab a Popsicle stick and at the end they’ll see which class got the most. We still don’t know what they get out of it. I’ve asked my son numerous times and he never knows. Oh well, the exercise is great for me and the track is so much nicer to walk on than my treadmill. Not to mention….. it’s outside and not in my dungeon basement. Tonight we have the track meet. Wednesday I have my doctor’s appt. Friday we have an out of town appt. Friday night we pick up my husband’s daughter. Saturday we have a birthday party for a friends little guy. Somewhere in all that I need to get all my work in – which looks like it’s going to be some long days or maybe some weekend work…… oh joy…..

I have returned to my bed for sleep – it’s been so nice. I’ve actually slept pretty good in there so far. Or maybe it’s just that I’m SO tired I could sleep standing up for all I care. My hips and pelvis are killing me, every time I move something pops.


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11 Responses to “30 some odd weeks and other”

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BTW – The string and nail test is TOTALLY supposed to work on humans as well!!!

You lay on your back and hubby can hold the string & nail over your tummy. Remember; back and forth means a boy and circles means a girl!!! πŸ˜‰

I can;t believe how far along you are now! It just seems like you became pg! It will be here before you know it!

SC: I’ve gotta try this! πŸ™‚

MK: I’ve been liking the idea of thinking I just jumped ahead 3 or 4 weeks!! πŸ™‚ Nothing like moving right along. Now if I just knew when…..

The mystery must be killing you. I wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about it. Good thing you are busy.

FFG: Oh my gosh! It is!! As a person who worries 24/7 anyway…… this does not help πŸ˜›

Well, maybe the end will be in sight before you know it! I can’t imagine how fast this time will go by for you.

I sincerely hope that the baby turns before you go into labour.

oh no no no. it’s okay! that post wasn’t directed towards you at all. i thought your comment was cute. i wasn’t offended by it. πŸ™‚

OOO painful hips, sounds like a job for the CHIROPRACTOR. He fixed mine. The pelvis pains I get just can’t be helped though.

Your energy is tiring me out. I need another nap.

Well, just think of it as taking the whole “We’re waiting to find out” thing to the extreme, heee. πŸ˜›

Hopefully the next doc visit will give you some more answers of some sort. Talk about a surprise though!

Kait: I hope time goes by fast.

Jess: Phew! After this it turns into the all Moms know best thing πŸ™‚

pluckymama: If I go to the Chiro now I’ll be begging him to send me into labor πŸ˜›

Aly: Good idea – maybe I should just start saying that, then I won’t have to explain all the time to complete strangers

he might be able to do just that πŸ™‚

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