4am AGAIN!

Posted on 16 May 2007. Filed under: baby, bad neigbors, braxton hicks contractions, doctors appt, pregnancy |

Repeatedly waking a pregnant woman up at 4 am is NOT a good thing. I’m so freakin tired and so beyond sick and tired of listening to the neighbors dogs at 4 am. I always wonder how it doesn’t bother them. But it’s one of two things….. they are used to it and can sleep through it or they are still a little drunk from the night before so they just crash again. Tomorrow I’ve got to drag my butt out of bed and figure out for sure if it’s those dogs. They are usually the dogs let out that early but I’d hate to start calling the wrong person and waking them up. They are the two little yappy things that every time we leave our garage they run under the vehicle and bite at the tires. I talked to the lady one time and she said “You can yell at them and do whatever, just don’t run them over.” Well…… then keep them in your damn backyard, that’s plenty big for those two little things.

I had lots of tiny braxton hicks contractions again yesterday, which left me feeling quite crappy, it definitely took it’s toll on me. I didn’t want to hang out at the hospital again and figured it was the same as last time so I just dealt with it. Had quite the dizzy spell yesterday morning, which I haven’t had for a long time now. I laid down for about 45 minutes until it passed. Today I go to the doctor again so hopefully I’ll learn something new. Like…… maybe that baby isn’t breech anymore (I can hope). I’ll update later on the doctor’s appointment.


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5 Responses to “4am AGAIN!”

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I was with you on the Braxton Hicks thing yesterday. Gah. 2.5 more months of this? I want my epi NOW! You’re right – it leaves you feeling crappy and worn out. ::sigh::

I hope that you’re able to do something about those dogs. How annoying. It’s one thing to constantly wake up on your own, but to be jarred out of sleep by something like that? Insane. Have you considered buying some cat traps? 😛

Ew Bh are the worst ! I hope you do find something out today though, sounds like baby is growing at warp speed !

3 of mine were breech until 39 weeks….I spent alot of time laying on the floor with my ass up on a pillow lemme tell ya lol.

Ok well, I’ll be back later to check and see if you’ve got an update !

i’d be calling animal control! ha ha. i’m not as nice. there are a million dogs in the neighborhood but luckily, they disappear when it gets dark.. (except for those nasty ones who dug through our trash once).

i am totally sad about the craving excuse diminishing. it will be like a whole new world. i’ll have to start eating what my hubby wants, again. ha ha!

I was up at 4am with you too, but it was my son screaming and not dogs, slightly more forgivable.

Ooo dizzy, my doc asked me if I was dizzy because my blood pressure was so low last time (110 over 80) but I’m not. Perhaps that’s your problem though, or your hormones are going wacky in prep. for labor. You and I have such similar things, except all your new problems with the sex and it being breech, lets have them on the same day!

Kait: I wish I knew how much longer I had of this…… I have a few ideas in my head 🙂

Jess: I am not kidding…. I swear my stomach doubled in size in the last couple days!

Jess: Ohhh trust me….. other ideas are in my head because I’m SO sick of it – I was trying to spare the feelings of animal lovers on here. If they aren’t barking, they are crappin in my yard – pisses me off equally.

Pluckymama: My blood pressure has been good so far – we’ll see how it is today. I’m game for having them on the same day if we can use your date! lol You’re closer than me….. I think….. haha How crazy to not have a clue what’s going on – sounds typical for me 😛

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