back to where we were….. 32 weeks and pouting

Posted on 16 May 2007. Filed under: baby, baby due date, doctors appt, pregnancy |

Doctor update I promised. The nurse said we’re leaving the date where it was July 9th, although when doctor came in he said July 7th – whatever. I think the appointment made me crabby, and that 4 am thing could have something to do with it, anyway….. I think I was excited thinking I could be further along and now they say eeeeh we’re leaving the date, we’re leaving you at 32 weeks. Okay so at least I know there’s no more than 8 weeks of this crap left….. sorry I’m not joking when I said I’m crabby. I feel gigantic and the nurse says well you’re just going to have a big baby. I gained 1 pound since I was last there. Pluckymama will love me again 😛 Just kidding. I’m having a very pouty day – I don’t want a big baby, I want a nice little baby like my son was, I don’t want to deal with this breech issue, I want baby to be where he/she’s supposed to be, I don’t want 8 more weeks of crappy sleep, I don’t want to pack this for 8 more weeks, I don’t want to be this big – although like he said today…. I wouldn’t be this big if baby wasn’t breech, I want to have a body back, I DO NOT want to worry about having a c-section, I want a nice easy pregnancy like my first was. I asked doctor about turning baby if he/she doesn’t turn on their own and he said they may not be able to because I’m ALL baby, there’s not much fluid in there to aid the turning process which could mean pinching the cord and then having an emergency c-section anyway. Just once I want some damn luck around here. Don’t mind me….. I’m going to pout and cry my tears and then I’ll be back up and running.


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10 Responses to “back to where we were….. 32 weeks and pouting”

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Ugh.. I remember this point of pregnancy where you are just ready for it to be all over with.
My son was breech as well and he turned within the last month or so and from what I understand that is quite common.
I hope that you only have 6 weeks to go instead of 8. That way you won’t be hugely pregnant in July.

Poor baby doesn’t wanna be upsidedown…. Can’t say that I blame him/her! Here’s hoping that everything goes smoothe and silk!

the same exact thing happened to me. they changed my due date a few times. it’s so very frustrating. i also had been battling the c-section thing you know. you aren’t alone. i hope we can both have our babies without that. they are also telling me that my baby will be big, but a lot of people have said.. they say that and end up being off by a pound or more!!! i’d totally request another ultrasound. they can tell you how big the baby is, and what the baby is!! i’d totally shoot for that.

i emailed you back! 🙂

I hate you again 🙂 I had gained 1 pounds since my last visit but it was only a week ago 😦

I’d be disappointed if I thought I was going to be due soon and then they said I wasn’t going to be. I’d probably freak out! At least you have more time for the baby to turn though!

Both you girls better be quiet. I gained 3 lbs in 3 days… so HUSH.

Rachel: I have a terribly crappy attitude and I want to be done done done.

SC: Thanks! Yeah – who would want to be on their head for weeks! But hey….. that’s their place so he/she needs to turn already dammit!

Jess: I know we should all be saying…. whatever is best for the baby. But after this many months I’m tired, I’m done, I feel like everything’s going wrong (which holy crap I should be used to by now). And I’m scared to know what I’m going to gain now if they keep telling me this is a big baby.

pluckymama: hehe I win – You love me again! 🙂

That would make me crabby too! I feel for you. Good luck!

After reading this, I’m feeling much better about my weight gain – it’s still all going into my boobs and butt, so the baby can’t be THAT big already! 🙂

I’m sorry that you’re feeling crabby – I can totally relate, even though you’re a solid 3 weeks (at least) ahead of me. I’m starting to feel like I’ve been pregnant forever and have had (bad mommy!) thoughts that maybe the baby will come preterm.

You still have a couple more weeks, so maybe the baby will turn on his/her own, and you will end up with an “easy” delivery. Best of luck!

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