a baby in the backyard! wtf!

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Bad parenting example: Last night I decided to go for a walk, but I was going to check the temperature outside before I took off. I opened my back door and you’d never guess what was sitting in my back yard. A BABY IN A STROLLER! ALONE!! I yelled up to my husband “There’s a baby in the backyard!” He probably thought I was crazy, but he came to look. I turned to say to him again “WTF is a baby doing in the back yard?!”…… and about that time the little neighbor girl came running over and pushed the baby away. Talk about a moment of panic and shock! Remember that fence I whined about wanting WAY back when, here’s another reason to add to my wanting a fence 🙂

We did get a walk in and I also had walked during lunch yesterday so I probably got a good 2 miles in. Yeah!

Had another dizzy spell this morning that I just slept off. I don’t get why they come and go like this. I’ll get them for a couple days to a couple weeks and then I won’t see them for a couple weeks. The joys of being pregnant I guess. I’ve had charley horses for 4 nights in a row now. It’s always (knock on wood) in my right calf for whatever reason. Last night I had a new pain occur – I woke to an extreme burning sensation in my lower back and stomach. It was pure hell for about 15-20 minutes and then it went away as fast as it came. Don’t know what that was all about. Anybody ever had that happen?

That’s about all I have today, my mood has not improved at all. I’ve read in so many places about babies being term at 37 weeks and women being induced early (because of big babies) in hopes of successfully have a vaginal delivery. That’s my mission…. if the baby is doing good then I don’t see any problem with this. And since I’ve been known to be a stubborn ass at times 🙂 the fight is on. I was induced early with my son so it’s not like you can tell me it’s a bad thing.

Speaking of my son….. he’s such a turd at times. He keeps bringing home these notes from school asking for volunteers for this and that during the last couple weeks of school, which is now almost over (last day is the 25th). But he hands them to me and asks that I sign it. I tell him this is a volunteer thing, I don’t HAVE to do it. He insists that I do have to sign if because he has to take it back to school the next day. I’m actually very willing to help out since I work at home and have the option to come and go as needed. But this most recent volunteer activity is Play Day, so I’ll be standing outside in the yucky heat helping with different activities. Hopefully it’s not TOO hot that day, because this chic doesn’t respond well to heat and has been known to get light-headed and black out. Good thing I’ll be just about 2 blocks from the hospital.


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6 Responses to “a baby in the backyard! wtf!”

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I agree with early inducing too. It stops pregnant women from killing others. 🙂 Lexi was induced 10 days early, but I had already starting dilating. I think most doctors will not start the process until you have….so keep walking!

FFG: He should induce early for fear of me harming him 😛 I hadn’t dilated when I was induced with my son. My doctor was leaving town and I said nobody else was delivering my baby so you better get to it. 🙂 I just got another mile in over lunch. Kill two birds with one stone….. help balance the weight and maybe get things moving 🙂

I used to love PLAY DAY! lol

The back pain is probably a contraction, but because the baby’s turned it hits in the back. My daughter was sunny side up until halfway down the birth canal, and my labor was ALL back labor. Which means I didn’t even realize I was in labor until my water broke, because all the pain was in my back. And it was the most horrible pain I’d ever experienced, so bad that I was vomiting by the time I got to the hospital, and they had to give me a double bolus of fluid before they’d give me the epidural. Which I didn’t even get until after 18 hours of back labor, because I didn’t realize that’s what it was. Ugh.

My son, a year later, was turned right, and so much easier, since no back labor. He was 26 hours, so meds, because it just wasn’t as bad as the first. He was born at 37 weeks, and was full term anyway. At 8 lbs. 8lbs at 37 weeks….I’d hate to think what a monster he’d have been at 40 weeks.

Good luck! Sorry for the rambling comment!

Just stopping by to see how you are. You are such a great mom… The fact that you son really wants you at school to volunteer is a huge compliment indeed!

This is the first time for me visiting your blog. I wanted to comment about you getting dizzy. I have the same problem, and it was especially bad during my last pregnancy. You may want to ask your doctor about your blood pressure. Mine runs abnormally low and that is why I get dizzy so often. You may want to try increaing your water intake and see if that helps any!

This may not be the case at all, so if it’s not I’m sorry!

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