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What is it with pregnancy? I can’t remember anything anymore. Last night my son wanted Mac-n-Cheese. After about 15 minutes of waiting for the water to boil I realized that it might help if I turned the burner on higher than LOW. My son even said “Yeah, I was wondering what you were doing.” Yeah…. thanks – I can’t help it if I have no idea what’s going on anymore. A couple weeks ago I tried cooking hamburger without turning the burner on at all. This morning I called Mom and asked her to please leave some boxes sitting outside her door and I’d stop by and pick them up. While I was on the phone with her, I wrote myself a note and put it with my keys so when I took my son to school I’d have my note and I’d remember to get the boxes. So I drove to school, dropped my son off, READ the note and thought to myself…… now I’ll surely remember I just read the note again and I’m holding it in my hand until I get there. As I pulled into my garage I looked down to see what I was holding…….. my note…… no boxes. Aaaaaaaahhhh!!!! We have that handy note recorder in our new vehicle, but even if I did record a note on there I wouldn’t remember to listen to it. And knowing me, I’d write myself a note telling me to remember to listen to it, but I’d still forget. If you saw my desk you’d see how many notes I write. I support the Post-It company 🙂 So, I’m off to drive back to pick up the boxes before it rains on them.


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11 Responses to “forgetful…”

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Ha ha ha! I totally do this too! And it will take me FOREVER to remember what I had forgotten. ::sigh::

I find I’m also making dumb mistakes. Not fully reading the directions, not reading labels, etc. Very annoying!

Gotta love pregnant brain. Once at the doc’s office I had to pee in the cup so I went to the washroom, peed, and came out embarrassed with an empty cup. I had totally forgotten to use the cup and had just peed in the toilet. The lady just laughed at me. I love being able to blame things on pregnant brain.

Kait: I think I’m a lot more clumsy lately too.

pluckymama: OMG – I forgot about that one….. I did almost the same thing at my last appointment. I actually remembered halfway through peeing and tried to stop and get my cup – but it was no use. I had saved my full bladder and I had to go, there was NO waiting!

btw…… Can’t we get bigger cups…. I mean come on – I have a belly in the way – I can’t exactly see what I’m doing – give me something bigger to aim into!!

I know, I’m always missing. Sometimes I get a big metal cup which is a lot easier. I can hardly reach down there to hold a cup though 😦

You get big metal cups!? We have those itty bitty dixie cups. We should be able to be acrobats by the time we’re done – because I seriously feel like I’m practicing to be one while trying to pee in that cup! 🙂

big metal ones or the small ones that are meant for peeing in too…with the lids. Last pregnancy it was always big metal ones but now they’re being lazy and giving me the disposable ones. Oh well, they’re the ones who have to touch it after, I try and get it nice and clean for them…ha ha.

How funny! Pregnant brain–it isn’t just me!! So, I”m dealing with the breech thing too. STinks doesnt it? My doc said that since my first was a normal vaginal delivery he thought she’d turn–im like uh–shoudlnt’ she hurry along?? My original due date is July 3, then it was June 22, then June 26, I’m back at July 3 now, bummer!!! About turning the baby, I hae decided against that. A nurse at the hospital told me it’s really risky and almost always ends in a c-section. And she said you’d rather have a nice scheduled csection than an emergency one–right?? I was like yeah!! I dont like the thought of a csection either, especially since I’ve done this before! But, I look at one good point, the baby will be in less distress, no worry of the cord getting wrapped during delivery. Plus, you’ll know what date to plan for, and it’s only like an hour or so, where as regular can take forever! I’m just trying to stay positive…..

When I was in the hospital with what I was afraid was some horrible complication (we were fine), they gave me a metal bowl to pee in. That? Was the best idea ever.

So you’re literally getting beat to death too??? HHHmmm, I dont remember my first being this brutal, do you?? Maybe they are trying to turn!! I think the same day woudl be super cool too!!!!

My first was not brutal – this one is SO much different than my first – but my first was also 8 years ago – my body’s a lot different now. I hope they are trying to turn – this much movement has made me sick to my stomach for the past few days – it’s getting to be too much. I love feeling the movement – but sometimes I think holy hannah you need to chill the heck out in there – my belly isn’t a jungle gym!

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