blue lights scare me

Posted on 24 May 2007. Filed under: cops, driving, Everyday Life |

My heart sunk once today and then a couple seconds later it about fell out of my chest completely! I volunteered to help with Play Day at my son’s school today. As I drove to school the thought went through my mind that license would be coming due on our new vehicle, but I wasn’t sure when. I instantly panicked – and mentally chewed my own ass for not looking and knowing. I don’t take that kind of stuff lightly – I’m very anal about having everything paid AHEAD of time. So I told myself it’s okay – check when you get to the school and if they are past due you’ll carefully drive to the court house and hopefully all will be okay. haha Yeah right…. g’head try convincing me that that’s okay. I forgot to check – big freakin surprise! I spent the entire time at the school helping with Play Day stressing over it. I kept telling myself it’s okay….. check when you get outside. My son had a friend come home to play so as the three of us walked out of the school I notice a cop parked half a block away from where I’m parked. That’s when my heart sunk……. all I could think was OMG he found me, he saw that my sticker is expired and I need new plates, mentally chewing my ass again for being such an idiot for forgetting. I kept thinking….. watch I’m going to get in my vehicle and he’ll see me get in and then he’ll stop me. So we all get in, I go to pull away but another car is driving down the road so I wait for them to go. I start again but realize the blue lights are going and the cop is pulling away!! That’s when my heart completely fell out of my chest!! I stopped and wouldn’t you know it – the cop was going after the damn car that just passed by me!!!!!! What kind of luck is that!!!!! Of all days for the cop to park right there and for all days for him to pull someone over when I’m right there. I did check when I got home finally – I have until June 2nd – which means I’ll be going to take care of it tomorrow. I’m not kidding when I say I pay things early. My house payment is due on the first, but it will be paid tomorrow also.


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9 Responses to “blue lights scare me”

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Even if it had expired, he would have to give you some points of sympathy for being pregnant, right?

FFG: No I think he’s one cop in this town who actually does his job. So I would have gotten a ticket I bet 😦

There is nothing wrong with worrying about such things!!!

PTM let her plates expire….She got pulled over for going 75 in a 65, and was ticked for speeding and the expired plates. Two weeks later she let her parking meter expire and was AGAIN ticketed for her expired plates (and the meter). You’d think she’d learn huh??? Her excuse? She couldn’t afford the cost to renew her plates….but now she owes for her plates and almost as much in violations. Dumbass!

Oh I am sooo the same way. Being anal about paymets is my thing.
Isnt it fun being forgetful about everything? I thought it as bad when I was pregnant, but it’s not nearly as bad as when I had Sophie…that’s what you call baby brain

OMG – What a tard! I am SUCH a worryier! Like I’ve said before – I worry about worrying. Gah!

Kristy: I have terrible baby brain!

i did that a while ago, I wasn’t sure if I had renewed it. I have until June so I guess I should do that soon, oh wait I cant, my car is still in the SHOP!

I had once not renewed my registration (I had moved, it wasn’t due) because I didn’t have the money, but ended up having to go through a checkstop. I was so lucky that they waved me through instead of stopping me. I was just about in tears!

I like to pay stuff ahead of time too! Completely understand. 🙂

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