and the fun continues (34 weeks)

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Sunday I landed myself a nice cozy (yeah right) spot in a hospital bed. That morning started out good, got up, showered, headed into my basement to start cleaning the laundry room/storage area. We had a little water down there from the (what seemed like) non-stop rain. I’d been cleaning for about an hour and a half, okay maybe an hour, I talked to my Mom for quite some time too, seeing if she wanted some of the junk I had stored away 😛 Potty break time….. if you don’t like too much information then don’t read on. Got to the bathroom, peed, wiped….. blood and lots of it. I didn’t really panic, I didn’t have any pain, but that was a lot of blood left in the toilet. I called my Mom back and told her what happened and said I was going to keep drinking water so I could pee again and see what happened. Then I’d call in to the doctor. I didn’t want to do this as it was Sunday and that meant ER. So I kept drinking my water and kept cleaning. My husband was up sleeping still at this point. I drank lots of water and peed twice more, still more blood, but not gushing like before. But it was then I sat down to feel baby and he wasn’t moving at all. I thought to myself – shit I haven’t felt him move since it happened and usually if I’m drinking really cold water he moves like crazy – he always had anyway. That’s when I panicked a bit. I called the hospital and told the nurse what happened and she thought it was best if I came up since baby wasn’t being active like normal. Now I had to wake my husband up….. hmmm I’ll try to be calm, but I knew the minute I started to talk to him I’d start crying and that’s exactly what happened. But he moves really super fast when he hears hospital, blood, baby not moving in between tears. And then I got an earful all the way to the hospital about how I should have woken him up immediately when it happened and not to wait and that I go to the hospital because I was having contractions all day, but I see lots of blood and I just keep working. I think he panicked a little bit – it’s not like he got woken up in the greatest way. Anyway….. they hooked my up and the relief that passed over both of us the second we heard that little heartbeat was amazing. It was quite some time before I felt movement out of him again, but at the moment I was just glad to hear his heartbeat. I had yet another replacement doctor and while he seemed very knowledgeable he had awful bed side manners and he would not explain things in human terms – he would only talk doctor. He decided to do an exam and found more blood, then decided it was time for an ultrasound just to check things out. While he was doing the exam – he said “Oh – a fingertip” I asked what he meant and he never did answer me. I don’t know if I was dilated or if baby was sticking a fingertip out at him – haha. The ultrasound gave some answers, from what I gathered my placenta is really low (which is probably what’s causing the bleeding) – hopefully it stays the heck outta the way and doesn’t block babies way out. We also have a picture for proof that it’s a boy!! I had a scheduled doctor’s appointment for today and I’ll have the other replacement doctor so I’ll talk to him more. OOOOOH and guess what – little man has spun himself around and isn’t breech right now. So what I thought was a head trying to break my rib was actually his little foot! I sure hope he enjoys standing on his head now and stays this way until the end. So for now….. I get to deal with pregnancy and what seems like a period. That’s one of the good things about being pregnant, no more pads, no more tampons, no more bleeding, etc. Guess not for me now, now I get both fun times – ARG! I’ll update this with anymore news from doctor today.

UPDATE: My doctors appointment went well. I actually hadn’t gained any weight which is really shocking. I feel like I have, but that could just be the tiredness kicking in full force. Everything seems bigger and heavier. I was at the doctor sitting for quite some time because they hadn’t sent my records down from Sunday and since nobody in this office was there they didn’t know what happened. So I had to wait for them to get everything and then read through everything. I really like the replacement doctor I have there. He kept telling me to take it easy, keep a close eye on things and make it at least 2 more weeks. He said I’ve gotta keep this baby in two more weeks and then he’ll be a happy doctor and I’ll be a happy Mom. So that’s about it. We talked about different reasons why I could have been bleeding since it didn’t come with contractions which is a huge plus. Like he said, baby’s been so active and has turned so he could have kicked the placenta and caused it to bleed or tore it away a little bit. Babies heartbeat was good and I could have listened all day because I’m so paranoid now if I don’t feel him move at any given time. No sleeping allowed in there – he needs to keep playing and letting Mommy know he’s okay. 🙂 I don’t like sitting still so it’s a good thing I haven’t heard the words bed rest yet.


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18 Responses to “and the fun continues (34 weeks)”

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Phew, busy Sunday huh? At least you are getting close to having your baby in your arms! My friend’s wife is at 41 weeks. Yuck huh???

That sucks. I’m sure the fingertip thing means you’re dilated a bit. Sorry about all the bleeding, if it makes you feel any better, after my last pregnancy I bled for like 8 weeks. Feel better? Oooo I know what will make you feel better. Get those Always pads that come with wipes to keep you fresh! I got those RIGHT before getting preggers and I was sad I couldn’t ever use them.

YAY!!! I am so glad he turned for you!!!! I hope my little girl follows suit! I hate you had your scare and I’m SO glad everything is ok!! Blood is very scary!! Maybe he’s moving a little less since he’s settle in head down now.

Ooo I forgot to say I’m happy he turned for you!! YAY!

SC: The doctor was giving me crap saying you’re just bound and determined to get this baby out early aren’t you?! Yes I am 🙂 haha I hope your friends wife has her baby quick – man that’s awful – as if 40 weeks isn’t long enough! Good Luck to her!!

pluckymama: Oooh yeah, much better pluckymama……. who knows how long I’ll bleed afterwards and I’m already dealing with it now – NO FAIR!

Beverly: Let’s just hope he stays head down – no more acrobatic acts in there.

Hey, I just went to the docs office and she gave me a little cup to pee in and I complained so I got a big one…then I thought of you as I was peeing in it. Just thought I’d let you know 🙂

You lucky! When I was in on Sunday I had to pee in a cup – but I got the kind with the screw on lid so they are a tiny bit bigger than a dixie cup. But then my problem was….. the toilet was the handicap kind and it’s WAY higher – so being short (5′-4″) and having a huge belly and trying to stand on your toes to pee in the cup was a challenge. Ah well, just can’t win – it’ll be over soon 🙂

I hate those ones, that was what she tried to give me. Then you get pee on the sides and it can soak into the paper and then everyone knows you peed on the side even though you washed it away (which made it look like more pee on the sides). What are they checking our pee for anyway? I’ve never asked.

I’ve often wondered that too. I don’t know what’s in there that they check for…… I outta ask next week when I go – I’ll try to remember

Perhaps to make you feel like each visit isn’t a complete waste of time? Pee in cup, get weighed, blood pressure, baby’s heart good and see you later. I guess it’s still important but nothing fun every happens at mine.

Yes, girl take it easy, don’t rush that baby out ! Not yet anyway lol…I do know the feeling of wanting to be done but yes two more weeks !

What a weekend! This little guy sure is giving you trouble. I guess the good thing is that you know you are having a boy.

They check for proteins and sugar in the urine.

I had to pee in a cup yesterday morning, the kind with the screw on lid. Luckily, I was at home, so the toilet was ok, but I still peed all over my hand. My husband laughed at me (he was in the shower and I was giving him a running commentary). ::sigh::

I had that appointment yesterday: Measure pee, weight (gulp!), blood pressure, heart beat, measure size of uterus, feel to see where the baby is (and MAN did that hurt!!!), then I got a prescription for Zantac. I was out of there before my scheduled appointment time. Yes!

I’m sorry to hear that you’re bleeding. That must have been very scary! I’m glad to hear that you and baby are ok. So, two more weeks, then lets get this baby out of there!

So happy that everything is ok! That is so scary! Hang in there and we will keep our fingers crossed that there is no bleeding and that he stays in for 2 more weeks!

Wowzers! I’m glad everything turned out okay. Only two more weeks!!!

I’m bleeding with you now 🙂

Glad to hear he’s turned … and that everything’s OK after the fright!

Jeez, how terrifying that must’ve been for you! I’m glad the baby decided to give the doctor with the bad bedside manners “the finger”. Hehe. Or at least “the fingertip”.

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