our newest addition (I’ve finally lost my mind)

Posted on 4 June 2007. Filed under: 8 year olds, family, kids, puppy |

For anybody who really knows me – you’ll know I’ve lost my mind…….. completely. Remember all those posts of me whining and complaining about how much I hated dogs; I hated them pooping in the yard, I hated them barking and waking me up, I just am not an animal lover. Yeah…… well……

Say hello to Jada. The newest addition. NOT my idea. NOT liking the idea. But….. when your son is standing in the pet shop saying “But Mom! I’m an only child and want someone to play with!” When we said he wouldn’t be an only child for long he said “But you said I wouldn’t be playing with the baby right away anyway, because he’d just be laying around!”…… it’s hard to say no. My son has been begging for a puppy for quite some time, along with my husband. There’s a puppy down the street from us that we have to walk by and play with every-time we go for a walk or to the park. My husband usually takes a piece of jerky with him to feed the puppy. I think that puppy is partially to blame for my son wanting a dog. And I’ll admit – that puppy down the street is very cute, his/her personality is so hilarious.

Anyway……… I got broken in too early with the whining and crying at night, I keep thinking now…. baby can stay in there as long as he wants to – I’m not ready. Bad timing to get a puppy – it just made me freak out thinking about how soon it would be that I’d be up with baby all night and getting no sleep. Ah well…… life goes on right. And I’ll take that pat on the back for allowing this to happen 🙂 (as much as I hate it) My Mom said the other day as I was taking care of the puppy that I’ll probably end up taking care of her a lot, but I was thinking to myself……. we do that for our kids right. My parents helped with my HUGE responsibility, my son. So my helping with my son’s puppy isn’t the end of the world. I just have to get used to the change. I read once that I have a personality that doesn’t always like what life has to offer but I’ll accept it and move forward with it. I guess this is one of those situations where I really see that happening.

My son’s been telling me for months now that he was going to get up in the middle of the night and help with the baby. After his first night with the puppy I asked if he was still planning on helping me with the baby. NOPE! haha Didn’t think so. He spent almost the entire night up with the puppy the first night she was home. At 3 am and other various hours of the night you could find my son on the porch sitting with Jada. We tried letting him sleep in the next morning, but he was still up pretty early running up and down the sidewalk with Jada chasing him.

So that’s our puppy. She’s a 7 week old Jack Russell/Lab mix with ONE white foot. Keep your fingers crossed for me that she stays Jack Russell size, her Mom was the Jack so they thought she might stay small. These guys better be on training her because I don’t want the jumping, barking Jack Russell. I want the Jack Russell size and the Lab attitude. We’ll see what we get 🙂 Oooh and she better be bringing me home some pheasant!


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13 Responses to “our newest addition (I’ve finally lost my mind)”

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And, that’s all I have to say about that!

Arg! My comment got eaten!!!

Good luck! She’s got a sweet face!!!

He is cute, but I agree about the Jack Russell size & the lab attitude. Hope it goes well.

Aww, that puppy is SO cute!!! I would love to have a dog but since Devon and I aren’t home for about 10 hours per day and no one is there to let it out, I wouldn’t feel right about having one.
This is pretty horrid timing for you though.

Hehe, you’re a sucker! 😉 And Jada is GORGEOUS! You’ll be in love before you know it.

oh my goodness you HAVE lost your mind!! So did that crazy Jack Russel when she let a massive lab climb on top of her! What a weird combo. I got a puppy when I was pregnant with Silas and we were right in the middle of a move, I then I had a nervous breakdown and took it back…awe…I still miss Stanley. I hope that the puppy transition goes smoothly and that hubby and son will be responsible for him. He’s a very cute puppy.

Ahh!! What a cute, cute puppy!! I love the name too! How can you resist that look? Hehe.

How cute!! I too have fallen for that and ended up with 2. They have to have a buddy you know! We’re almost getting a baby soon!!! We have what, 25 days or so. I went to doc yesterday and my little miss is still breech.

So. Did you get any sleep last night? 😆

Hopefully she’ll settle down soon! 🙂

oh my goodness she is the cutest thing EVER!!!

Congrats on the new addition! 😀

When I told my husband how you got coaxed into it he just laughed. We had a jack russel and had to get rid of it cause I couldnt take it anymore. I can’t imagine having a puppy and a baby.

But how cute is she. I want one now again

Hi there,

I have a 12 week old lab / jack russell mix. Where did you get your puppy? They seem to be the sam age – and look identical (except the white paw).


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