35 weeks

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Just had my doctor’s appointment so I thought I’d update. Weight gain – 0 pounds! WTF! Seriously guys, I don’t know what I’m doing. It could be the stress and depression getting to me, in which case, that’s not cool so don’t try my “diet”. I’m not losing so I guess that’s probably actually a good thing. And my tummy IS getting bigger so with any luck at all my butt is getting smaller, I highly doubt it, but hey a girl can dream. 😛 Other news – my doctor is back and I was so spaced out in my own little world today that I totally forgot to ask him about his wedding. Next time I’ll have to remember. He did an ultrasound so he could see for himself what’s going on in there after the bleeding issue. For now, he’s ruled out Placenta Previa – yippee!! Now I’ll just be keeping my fingers crossed that everything stays put. Including baby – he must have decided standing on his head isn’t so bad after all because he’s still hanging out in the right position. Thank you baby!! Oh and I have to come to a decision for a baby doctor – I have 2 weeks to decide and crap for doctors to pick from. Aaaaand maybe we should really start thinking of the baby’s name! I don’t want to be in the hospital trying to figure it out.

I’m puppy sitting right now….. yes you read that right. ME! Puppy sitting! My husband is out in Timbuktu with a flat tire and my son and Dad are on their way there. What I gathered from my Dad was some piece on the spare is stuck so he can’t get the spare off.

The excitement of the puppy was wearing off today for my son. I woke him this morning to tell him his puppy needed some attention. He drug himself out of bed, grumbling about how tired he was. After taking her outside to potty, cleaning up the spilled food, spilled water and her little accident he took a nap. lol Later we had some issues because puppy wanted to play and my son wanted to play computer. I think the realization is setting in that this isn’t a walk in the park – it’s a lot of work taking care of a puppy. I played tug-o-war with her for a bit today – that was hilarious. It’s funny how a silly towel can be so entertaining for them. (Okay….. and me too) Ssssshhhh…….. NOBODY tell my husband I just admitted to playing with her and enjoying it 🙂 lol


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4 Responses to “35 weeks”

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Your new pup is SO ADOREABLE. (My son playing the only child card would net him one of those too. Shhh. Don’t tell HIM that.)

My son is very affectionate with our cats. He loves animals but I just can’t get a dog right now. It sucks but I just can’t. We are gone too long every day for it to be humane for a dog.
I promise that I won’t tell your son that you played with the dog.

Yay! SO GLAD that he ruled out PP (ha ha ha!). That must put your mind at ease a bit! Only a couple of more weeks and it will be ok for that baby to come out. I’m going to miss you once the baby is born (I assume that you’ll be too busy to be online and stuff all the time)!

I wish that I could gain 0 pounds. I seem to gain like 10 a month, which is just NO GOOD!!! I’ve been trying to be better, but my tummy really hates veggies and fruit right now. I don’t know what to do.

Awwww — poor son having to face reality with the puppy!

It’s hard to ignore a cute little puppy! Your son sounds like my daughter when we got her rabbit….
I’m so glad you don’t have placenta previa, that would be SO scary! I hope he stays head down for you, and tell him to send up some baby dust so my little one will turn around! In 18 days or less I’ll have a baby–eek!! Scary! I’m so excited. No name huh—hhmm, I thought I was bad without a middle name! They say when you see them you will know, not sure how unless a million names run through your head, and after labor and delivery that would be the last thing on my mind! Any ideas you are throwing around???

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