pregnancy and puppies

Posted on 7 June 2007. Filed under: baby, braxton hicks contractions, Everyday Life, notes from the underbelly, pregnancy, puppy |

I’m having awful writer’s block lately. I think it’s just my mood, you know that crabby, tired, pregnancy mood that hits and leaves you feeling just kinda blah for a while. Or it could be the fact that there’s dishes to do, laundry to be washed, bathrooms to be scrubbed, floors to be cleaned, work to be done, a puppy who needs play time, groceries that need to be shopped for, etc and there’s only 1 of me so I’m feeling quite overwhelmed and crabby. I didn’t sleep worth a crap last night. It was terribly windy and the blinds on my window are broken so they won’t stay up. So it was either have the window open and listen to the blinds hit the window or shut the window and lay in a sauna. Needless to say I was up and down all night.

Today I’ve had braxton hicks contractions a lot, I wish they would just turn into the real thing already and let me get this over with. My ankles and feet are swollen 😦 *pout* It’s a good thing it’s summer because I live in my thongs, my other shoes don’t fit me right now.

I never thought I’d see the day that I would be taking care of a puppy everyday. We are doing very well though. The hallway outside my office is linoleum so all the doors are closed and other doorways are blocked off and she has taken over that little area. I didn’t think I’d be crawling over a baby gate this early, but it’s the only way out of my office now. Because I can watch her so closely, getting her outside to potty has been going great. She has to go out when she wakes and I listen for her sniffing around, which has meant it’s time to run. I hope I don’t jinx myself by saying it’s going so well. It’s so windy here today that when she does go outside, she gets done and wants right back in. She’s been entertaining herself today with an empty box and water bottle.

Taking care of Jada is just like taking care of a baby. My days are filled with accidents, potty time, playing and waiting for nap time to come. Yesterday she was still sleeping when I was heading down to work so I was tip-toeing around so I wouldn’t wake her. I was able to get an hour or so of work in before she woke. Then I packed her and all her stuff downstairs to her area. Today after work I’ll pack her and all her stuff back upstairs to her other spot. Yes, she was supposed to only get my porch, she’s now taken over two areas in the house.

btw….. What’s up with Notes From the Underbelly?


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4 Responses to “pregnancy and puppies”

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Oh soon enough she’ll be sleeping in your bed! I joke, I joke! Puppies are very much like babies, in that way. Lots of training and all.

I’m sorry you’re feeling cranky lately, but I can relate. Although I slept not too poorly last night (but woke up with heartburn – boo hiss!), I know exactly how you feel. If you need some cheering up, you can always hang out on Gmail (although it sounds like you’re too busy!!).

I know what you mean about feeling overwhelmed, as well. Granted – I’m pretty lazy and Rob does a lot of the chores, but the ones I do have to do (bathrooms, laundry, etc.) seem insurmountable to me right now. I feel like I have no energy other than for gestating. I mean, moving is a chore in and of itself, not to mention working, plus all that other stuff.

Can’t help you out with Underbelly – I don’t get ABC. Boo!

NO WAY – Absolutely positively NOT!!! I’m smelling my Downy on my sheets when I go to bed – NOT puppy!!

Yes, I have been terribly busy, that’s why I haven’t gotten on chat 😦 I’ll be there soon!!

Baby is surely sucking the life out of me lately. Pregnancy is hard work on top of everything else.

Taking care of puppies is a LOT like having a baby around. That’s why I told my husband that if I EVER get the itch to have a baby…he needs to get me a new puppy to shut me up. After a week of puppy care I remember how much work that stuff is….and you can put puppies in kennels!!! 😉

You talking about your pregnancy is giving me anxiety even though I’m not pregnant anymore.

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