summer vacation = boring

Posted on 7 June 2007. Filed under: 8 year olds, kids, puppy, summer vacation |

Why is it kids wait ALL year for summer vacation to be here and when it’s here. They spend all day saying “I’m Bored!” And I spend all day saying “I’ll make a to do list, then you won’t be bored anymore.” They run away so fast when that’s said. Maybe summer vacation should be shorter and we should have longer breaks throughout the year. And why is it that my son has a bike, swing-set, PUPPY (that he just HAD to have because he’s an only child!), Play Station, Nintendo DS, TV/DVD, hundreds of toys, a computer, a huge train, etc (I could go on all day), but he’s still down here saying he’s bored. What are your kids doing to entertain themselves?


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8 Responses to “summer vacation = boring”

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Presently? Playing soccer with my ribs! 😆

My parents always gave us one chore to do per day, then otherwise we had to entertain ourselves. “I’m bored” = more chores. It’s easier to entertain yourself when you’re older, though. ::sigh::

Oh boy – mine feels like he’s trying to do bench presses on my upper rib!

Yeah….. easier to entertain when we’re older – that’s because we get bored (or me anyway), we clean house – uggggg It’s NEVER ENDING! I keep waiting for someone to put me in time out, send me to my room PLEASE!! 😛

And yes, I started a to do list and he took off running – he hasn’t been back since 🙂 hehe

A great to-do list with tons of chores sounds like the perfect way to end the boredom streak & get some things done around the house. Of course, you are right about that making kids disappear. 🙂

I don’t have your problem yet. As a kid, I remember watching tv & fighting a lot with my brothers. My mom also took us to the library & loaded up on books every week even though we weren’t too excited about that.

Devon goes out and rides his new bike and plays with his friends a lot. We have a playground right down the road (I live in a planned community and the mhp is 15) and he rides down there to play with his friends. There are also some hills and stuff that they ride their bikes on.
He is getting his first pair of Heely’s so I am sure he will be out on those a lot too.

Oh, people like us DO get sent to a time out in our rooms. It’s called Bed Rest, and most people avoid it!!! 😛 😆

Ohhh I remember being the same way. I’m an only child and I was always bored unless I was hanging out with friends. I think that kids need stimulation from each other in order to stay entertained…. Soon the baby will keep him busy 😉

my son played with a little plastic bag for about 45 minutes!

I was never bored, I’d go outside lots and do cartwheels, hop scotch, roller blade, throw balls. I’d also play LOADS of Barbies. Send that boy outside!

We do ALOT of playdates. As in host three a week. And the dates are typically 3-4 hours at a time. And we run errands alot. My son knows the Target layout like the back of his hand. heehee

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