it’s a whole new day……. right?

Posted on 12 June 2007. Filed under: baby, Everyday Life, pregnancy |

I’m not sure I can answer that…. I swear yesterday just kinda rolled over into today because all the frustrations are still here. Why can’t we just sleep this shit off and it magically disappears?!

*hours later*

I’m finally back. I had decided against posting just because I feel I have nothing good to say and I didn’t want to bore everybody to tears with unhappiness. And then I decided….. Dammit, I’m pregnant, I’m stressed and a bit depressed and it’s my blog so if I want to rant and rave I’ll do just that. You have the option of just passing this post by 🙂

Yesterday was one of those days. It just seemed nothing wanted to go right. I would have given just about anything to sleep in a bit, I was so exhausted. Pregnancy is a full time job! And everything else on top of it is MAJOR overtime. I did manage to clean 1 bathroom last night, haul the laundry baskets to the laundry room and wash 1 load of towels. I seriously felt like I was going to die by the time I finished. I spent some time laying on the couch backwards with my feet up on the back because I was so swollen. Even my thongs are hard to get on now 😦

I went in search of a window for the baby’s room yesterday. The first place I went to wanted 550 bucks for a window! Are you crazy! No way was I paying that for a window. So I stopped at another place and got the same window for 150 bucks!! Yeah! So now once it cools down a bit hopefully we can get that in and get back to work on the baby’s room. Maybe painting will be enough work to send me into labor. My other plan for labor is sneaking onto the water slides and shooting down the straight one and hopefully the water at the end will stop my body, but the baby would just shoot right out. 😛


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8 Responses to “it’s a whole new day……. right?”

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Oh.MY.Goodness! What a visual that waterslide idea is. haha.
And you had me confused with “thongs” because I was thinking underwear, and I’m hoping you meant flip flops. LOL

Aimee: ha! Yes, I meant flip flops – but remember I’m the weird one who calls them thongs 🙂

LOL The Water Slide Labor Plan… I dig it!!!

i laughed sooo hard when I read your water slide idea. I remember being inventive trying to get that baby out. Don’t worry not too long left, and before you know it you’ll have sleepless nights come upon you.

Hmmm….water slide. I’ve never heard that one. 🙂 Good luck!

I love blogs because we do have the freedom to rant. I definitely think you should go for the water slide idea. 🙂

Now why didnt I think of the water slide???? I know what you mean on the sleepless nights and the swelling! We’re close to finished though!!!!!! I had no idea cankles could get so large!! I live in Old Navy flops! I’ve also been in my pool alot, feels great until I walk up the steps to get out, then I feel 70 pounds heavier! If we could simply float through pregnancy…….

You people who say that you should get your sleep now because after the baby’s born you won’t be sleeping obviously forget what it’s like to be in your last month or two of pregnancy. 😆 Instead of midnight feedings, it’s midnight PEEING. And back aches. And hip aches, and not being able to sleep in your favoured position. 😆 I don’t think I’ll miss this part of pregnancy.

Seriously, I am all in on the waterslide labour plan. However, I still want to know how we’re planning on getting to the top of the slide. I mean, there’s got to be a million stairs, right? I’ll need a crane to get to the top. 😆 Ha ha ha!

I know it seems counter productive, but a warm bath can help with the swelling, a little bit. It encourages blood/fluid flow. And don’t forget to put a pillow under your right hip when you’re lying backwards on the couch (keeps you off that nifty vein). You can also massage the swelling back up into your legs if it gets too painful, but I will tell you that it’s NOT a comfortable feeling, and is only a temporary solution.

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