public, puppies and pregnancy

Posted on 14 June 2007. Filed under: annoying people, baby, Everyday Life, pregnancy, puppy |

I think I know one reason I like being a home-body. The general public can piss me off so easily by being rude and stupid.

Yesterday I ventured out to get a few errands done. The first wonderful person I had the pleasure of waiting on was at the bank. I will never understand… if you have that much banking to do – GO INSIDE! Don’t make the rest of us drive-thru customers sit and wait while you send the little thing back and forth a dozen times.

Then I headed to the post office… this is always entertaining because people cannot figure out which lane to be in to turn into the post office, so they are continually in the wrong lane. I really want a POS car so I can get in a wreck right there just to prove my point. And yesterday was no different, had someone trying to turn in the wrong lane, someone wanting in the lane to turn the right way and me in the right lane wanting to turn into the post office – aaaah fun times I tell ya.

After that fun experience I headed to the store to search for cards. It was very peaceful at first, I was the only one there so I had the entire aisle to myself. A lady came walking in with what appeared to be her Mom. She quickly grabbed a card and said “Oooh look, this is it, it’s perfect. Okay, I’ve got my card, I’m done.” But did she leave….. nope. She continued looking through cards, which would have been just fine EXCEPT for the fact that she couldn’t figure out to stand NEXT to me, she wanted to stand IN FRONT of me. Okay…. I’m pissy, I’m hot, I’m pregnant…. is that not stamped all over me right now?! So I politely said Excuse me as I was holding a card and couldn’t put it back because she was about standing on my toes! Not a chance this woman was moving. So I stepped around to the side of her and said Excuse me again, not as nice this time. Still no movement. I know she’s not deaf because she had communicated with her Mom and her back was to her so she couldn’t have been reading lips. Okay so I’m pissy and maybe a bit bitchy at this point… (oh wait I was at that point about half an hour ago 😛 ) I couldn’t help it, the words just kinda fell out… “Ma’am, it would be easier for us both to look at cards if you wouldn’t keep stepping in front of me and not responding when I say excuse me.” Sounds nice enough right… maybe my tone wasn’t so nice. But she did leave 🙂 I couldn’t feel bad, she already had her card and she was being a bitch.

Okay enough bitching about stupid people, although I could continue about being out yesterday. On the puppy side of things. Having a puppy is just not for me, although everybody knew that before. But we’re surviving. Things were seeming pretty easy while she was downstairs with me in the hallway….. and then she decided to tackle the stairs, she started out slowly, but next thing I knew she was sitting at the top with those puppy eyes that you couldn’t be mad at 😛 We really need to get a fence so she can have more outside time.

On the baby side of things. My hell I don’t feel like this is ever going to end. I’m surely not ready if you think about things like, I don’t have bags packed for the hospital, I don’t have clothes washed, I don’t have a spot for baby to sleep right now, I seriously have nothing ready. I did spend some time resting in bed the other night taking tags off clothes so they are ready to be washed now. This is weird coming from someone who’s usually so organized and ready. Charley horses are once again taking over, they come and go and I guess this is their week to stay. Last night I was super swollen. I slept pretty crappy. But today, my feet don’t look swollen much at all and I’ve done nothing but pee – WAY more than normal.


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8 Responses to “public, puppies and pregnancy”

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Hey that waterslide might work !?!?

Know what I did ? “Santa” had brought the girls “Dance Dance Revolution” for Christmas, so I of course had to do it at 3 in the morning…I hurt like hell the next day from that babys head clanking on my pelvic bone, but I like to think it helped dammit !

I know how you feel with wanting it to be over but not being ready lol…double edged sword but then again when that baby comes things will all fall into place —I promise !

The girl with the cards sound like a total bag. I would have waited until I had a really bad fart to let go, dropped the bomb and left. I wouldn’t have had to wait long, with my gassiness! 😛 Too much information, I know.

You were totally justified in calling the dumb chick out. I hate it when people are rude. GRRR. There were 4 people (including me) trying to look at the teenie section of father’s day cards one day last week. Seriously it’s lik a 3 foot area in which these cards were. So one of us would walk up, grab a card, and step back…and if we found one that made us laugh, we passed it around. And no, we didn’t know each other AT ALL. lol

Good times.

So, I need to make sure about this one point – does hubby know that he’s obligated to update the internet when you have the baby?! hehe.

Jess: Hmmmm we have the mat to play pinball! I should go play that!!

Kait: TMI for either of us – haha yeah right

Aimee: Yeah – why can’t people be like THAT more often! And my brother is in charge of updating 🙂 I figure my husband just might be a bit busy….. listening to me scream my bloody brains out! hehe

um you make me laugh. Dont get me started on the Cheese Deli Lady at Save-on. One word – Psycho!

HAHAHA, you sound like me looking at cards!! HHmm, my feet aren’t as swollen either and I’ve been peeing 5 times a night now, are you sure you don’t have my pregnancy?? Oh wait, your baby has turned! Mine is still lying diagonal, I go back to doc today!! We’re almost finished!!

Kevin James does a bit about being stuck behind a woman while she’s looking at cards. He’s hilarious, although part of it hit home as I get carried away with looking at cards. But it’s just flat out rude for someone to completely ignore others if that person is in their way.

I’m glad she got out of there for you!

Wow, I wish I had enough guts to say stuff like that. I’m proud of you.

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