an explanation… (37 weeks)

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An explanation for my lack of posting… Life took a VERY unexpected turn a couple of weeks ago (or close to there). As I think most of you know I work from home full-time for a company out of state. We (there are two of us here that work for the company) learned, I say by accident, that we are losing our jobs 😦 Talk about some nasty timing. Like I said, that old saying stands true…… “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” I’ve talked about how nice it was going to be, staying home with baby, nursing, getting to see all the fun moments, not having to pay daycare, etc. Maybe I talked to much about it and jinxed myself. Anyway…. I’m searching the Internet and also getting my resume ready to send out to various companies to see if they’ll do remote work. Problem is now-a-days… most companies are switching over to another program along with the old program so working remotely is not possible due to the training. But I figure it’s worth it to send resumes anyway, who knows which companies are switching and which aren’t.

So that’s been a huge contributor to my lack of posting, I guess I just haven’t been in the mood. Last week was a tough week. Adding this worry on top of the pregnancy was just a little too much and it sent me into a bit of a depression. I spent a few mornings bawling, looking at bills, wondering what in the world we were going to do. Besides me getting a new job – that’s obvious. I spent one morning… the worst morning (as other stuff added up) crying for a couple hours in the bathroom with the phone wanting to call my doctor and tell him this baby needs to come out now, I don’t have time for this anymore, I have to find a job, I have to get this baby out and start figuring everything out. I didn’t call him, managed to gain my composure and my son and I went up town to run some errands. It was nice to just be out of the house that day for a while. It got my mind off of it and everything else from that day.

Life will get back on track… it’s just a big change on top of another big change and I seriously am not ready for it right now. They didn’t give an official end date so I’m not sure exactly what’s going on. Will need to find everything out soon.

The puppy is being a puppy. I really wish this wasn’t an added responsibility right now. I keep thinking ahead about taking care of the puppy and the baby together. I know we’ll manage – I’m just a worrier.

Baby has been crazy active, as usual. During my bit of depression last week, I retreated to my room with the new baby clothes and took off all the tags so they could be washed. Being surrounded by baby’s clothes helped my mood a little bit. Today I washed them all, including some goodies from when my son was a baby. Wouldn’t you know it… something just HAD to go wrong. I threw everything in the dryer and at some point a hook from a pair of my sons bibs (from 8 years ago – my FAVORITE Old Navy bibs that I had in more than one size 🙂 ) hooked between the lint trap and door and bent and twisted the hook so it doesn’t close anymore. Hubby has to do some fixing on that. Not only did it twist and ruin that, but it twisted almost the entire load into a gigantic knot – it took quite some time to get all that untangled and another washing and drying to get everything back to it’s original shape. So little man has a dresser full of clothes and blankets.

The guys (Dad and Husband) made MAJOR progress on the baby’s room!!! They took the old two windows out and put in the one new window – looks so great! Husband is now working on putting up sheet-rock inside and then he can tape that all up. Then it’ll be time for texture and paint and carpet! Then a crib, dresser and baby! 🙂 They also will be putting up some siding on the outside to fix the mess. What luck that my parents have the exact same siding and they are getting new siding so we’re putting some of their old siding on our house. Yes they love me!! 🙂


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9 Responses to “an explanation… (37 weeks)”

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Sorry to hear about your job situation. I totally understand what it’s like to worry about where money is going to come from.

Your little baby will be here soon, hang in there, just a few more weeks

*big hugs*

I am sorry to hear about the stressful stuff – I’m thinking of you! Adding on top of baby is just crazy… but just think, in a couple of weeks you’ll be taken by your new little one and the worries might take the back-burner until later. Thinking positive, alright? xo

*hugs* Don’t fret, RMB. Things generally have a way of working themselves out. When a door closes on one chapter of our lives another one always opens.

I’m so sorry to hear about the job! I could help you with your resume if you need it looked over. We have a few stay-at-home jobs in this area, but they are hard to find. I hope you find something that lets you stay home with the baby!

I feel so bad for you. Job problems & pregnancy/new baby just don’t mix. I am sure you are feeling trapped by the job market. I hope things ease up soon. I’m crossing my fingers for you.

Sorry to hear that things are a little too crazy right now. The job stuff on top of all the other changes must be rough. I’m thinking about you and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that some new “good” but not “too good to be true” job comes along – and you can stay home with the new baby (and puppy!)


::pets RMB:: It will work out, you will see!

Sorry to hear you had a rough couple of weeks…. Things will work themselves out, I swear!

If you are interested in freelance work, I’ve heard that is a good website. Plus, they don’t charge you to post your information.

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