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Posted on 20 June 2007. Filed under: 8 year olds, dentist |

I had stopped at my Mom’s yesterday and she said I needed to look at my son’s gums (that’s.. GOOOOOOMS for those of you who can’t pronounce it the right way 😛 LOL). It looked like on his front teeth he was missing some of his gum. My first thought went back to this entire school year. He has this AWFUL habit of picking at his gums. No idea why he does it. Stress. Boredom. Who knows. So I called the dentist and luckily got an appt in half an hour – phew no time for him to worry about going 🙂 I kept telling him they were going to tell him he had to quit picking. He kept his hands clamped over his mouth for the next half hour mumbling he didn’t want them to pull his teeth, he didn’t want them to touch his teeth or gums, etc. I told him they would NOT be pulling his teeth, they’d just be looking at them to see what’s up with his gums. Then I JOKINGLY (this went really bad) told him if he didn’t quit picking at his gums they’d just have to take his fingernails off so he couldn’t pick with them anymore. (read: things NOT to say to kids when they are already freakin out about the dentist) By the time we got to the dentist office I THINK (I’m not sure) I had him convinced that I was joking and they weren’t pulling any teeth and they weren’t pulling any fingernails. He wouldn’t talk to anybody when we got there, just kept his hands clamped over his mouth. He climbed in the chair (surprisingly) and let them put the little spit cloth thingy on him. Then he also used that to help cover his mouth. 🙂 Dentist came in and looked at his gums and he really wasn’t sure what was up with them. He wasn’t positive it was from him picking, he actually thinking he had some infection. We discussed him picking at his gums all school year. I knew every day he’d been picking because he’d come home with little blood spots down the sleeves of his shirts. Dentist asked him to show him how he picks at his gums and then, this is where it got BAD, told him if he didn’t quit picking he was going to take his fingernails off!!! NOOOOOOOO!!! I JUST convinced him I was joking!!! My son burst into tears instantly!! SHIT! It took a bit to calm him down and convince him once again that it was a joke. Poor kid’s never going to go back. And he has to because he found 2 cavities while we were there. So our next appt. could be an interesting one. I know I’m NOT making any jokes before taking him there – I’ll be the one with my hands clamped over my mouth 😛 haha


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9 Responses to “dentist visit”

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I’m still laughing about the fingernails thing.

I don’t understand the picking at the gums. Wouldn’t that hurt? ::shrugs:: Oh well.

I feel bad for the little tike, having to get cavities filled!

you’ve been tagged 😉

Oh MY! That is a funny/sad story. Poor kid.

*sigh* that was a good laugh, even brought some tears. I understand the gum picking. I think pain in the gums feels good (in moderation), I’m weird. I understand why they’d recede too…my gums have receded from my lip ring bonking into them.

Oh no! *giggles* Poor little guy!

oh my goodness I’m still cracking up. Except that i have my mouth clamped shut and I’m moaning a little because talking about “picking” of the gums is making me all heebie-jeebie. It’s like fingernails on a blackboard! ACK!

Did you explain it to the dentist?! Did he feel bad about it?! Sorry, little guy, I just had to laugh at it all .. hope you’ll see the humour when you’re older.

aawww, that’s so cute and funny (:
and I can understand the gum picking thing. I do it too, I think it’s stress related. But I would never let anyone take my fingernails off, they’re painted too pretty! 😀

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