37 weeks 3 days

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Doctor update πŸ™‚

It’s totally normal to lose it in the doctor’s office right??! RIGHT??? Well, normal or not, I done lost it in there. I think I’m just overwhelmed right now, there’s lots going on and lots that needs to be done. And like I said before, I just don’t have time to be pregnant anymore. Not to mention it’s the last weeks here and I think all us woman feel that way at the end. Poor doctor – I know the guys just love it when women lose it πŸ˜› He tried telling me how it’s not good to induce early and that wasn’t working for him, because I was induced early with my son and he’s all good to go, so of course I argued that. Stubborn ass pregnant lady. What can I say I’m done.

I gained this time 😦 DAMN! Ah well… can’t gain for too much longer I guess. He checked my cervix and I’m dilated 2cm. Now to figure out how to make that number go a lot higher a lot quicker….. Pluckymama is going to tell me to go to the chiropractor – I just know it. lol

The progress on the baby’s room is amazing. All it took was finding that window and everything is just falling into place. Thanks Dad and Hubby for all their work – it’s awesome! Final sanding of mud tonight, texture guy will be here tomorrow. He’s so great for doing this – I know he’s super busy being a single Dad, but he’s sneaking over to help us out real quick. Then it’s time to paint. So after my husband and I are done having a brawl about whether we do brown (my choice) or green (his choice) then we’ll be buying paint and painting this weekend. πŸ˜› Then it’s on to the carpet – finding an installer for that is going to be a challenge. *calling* Okay, can’t get the place we’re buying the carpet from to install for maybe a month. They’ve got me down so if an opening comes available they’ll come sneak me in. But I’ll check with a couple others and see if they can’t get it done sooner. Otherwise… a month it shall be – my fault for not scheduling sooner. Although I didn’t realize everything would just start falling into place so soon. Baby won’t be in his room asap anyway so we’re good.

UPDATE!! The carpet place JUST called me back and they can install my carpet this coming Tuesday! Holy Hannah!! And the cost of labor is surprisingly cheap! Sorry, lots of exclamation points in this little update – but I’m very excited if you can’t tell πŸ™‚ Baby’s room just might make it! Now we’ve GOT to decide those paint colors!


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10 Responses to “37 weeks 3 days”

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You both like to hunt, right? You can’t decide between brown or green, right? So do camouflage. The kid will love it! He can hide in his bedroom and you’ll never find him.
You guys could get dressed up in your camouflage, pull the TV by the door and sit there watching hunting programs. It’ll be great!
Don’t like that idea? Paint lots of bushes and tress on the walls, they’re brown and green.
Don’t like that either? Mix the 2 colors and go army green. Get the kid ready for the service right away.
Go with a light tan and put splotches of green and brown around the room.

OMG! No way! πŸ˜› We do love to hunt – but I’m not painting camo in this house.

Ha ha ha! Your dad is just trying to find you a compromise. Go dad!

I have no suggestions on colour, unless you can find complimentary brown and green, and do two walls brown and two walls green! πŸ™‚

Why would I say something like that?? πŸ™‚

Did the doctor tell you to do a lot of walking & have sex everyday? That is what they told me when I wanted to be induced early. Perhaps, she was just trying to get me off her back… πŸ™‚

I’m giggling at the camo suggestion, haha!

I think that losing it is TOTALLY understandable. *big hugs* You’re almost there!

Kait: My solution – Come on man – I packed this thing for 9 months! Can’t I just have the colors I want πŸ˜›

pluckymama: I have NO idea why I said that. lol Maybe I was reading your mind πŸ™‚

FFG: Actually he was trying to be nice and tell me he was sure I am smart and I’ll find another job and yada yada yada and I just wanted to punch him and say take this freakin baby out right now! I’m not worried about FINDING a job, I’m worried about many many other things, like daycare and stuff.

Aly: Thanks πŸ™‚ Why is it all I can think of when reading your comment is…. Almost doesn’t count here πŸ˜› haha

Wow, that’s really quick for carpet instalation. I hope your baby comes soon, I bet he will be here before you know it

How about a compromise of brown and green??? The right shades would look FABO together!!!

Sounds like things are falling into place! I’m VERY happy for you!

You know my opinion on that. I mean, you need the picture of what your insides look like right now! πŸ™‚ You should totally get the colour that you want! πŸ™‚

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