busy weekend

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Can we rewind this past weekend and use slow motion through the sleeping parts? Maybe I could pretend I got more sleep that way. There was lots to do and don’t ask me how, but it’s done. Except that sleeping thing… I didn’t finish that part. I picked up the paint and supplies during the day, as we needed to finish painting before today so the carpet could be dropped off and installed tomorrow. You’ll have to wait until after carpet and trim to see the colors and finished room. 😛 Friday night Dad worked on the siding. I helped with the little stuff, hauling garbage and handing tools to him and stuff like that. Then the texture guy was supposed to be here at 7. At 7:30 I finally called him because without him the rest of the stuff was going to be extremely out of whack. When he didn’t answer my heart sunk and I started to panic. 15 minutes later he showed up – PHEW! I told him I tried calling but he has disconnected his caller id and answering machine due to his ex-wife. His phone gets answered when his Mom is there and she screens the calls. Fun times – I used to work with the ex-wife and had my own little run-in with her so I get why he’s doing that. Although I’d leave the caller id on so I KNEW when she was calling. Ah well. He was done texturing in about 15 minutes and it looks great! We let that dry, which didn’t take long at all and then got the primer on. Standing in the shower at about 10:30 that night I seriously didn’t think my ankles and legs were going to hold up much longer.

On to Saturday…. I awoke at my normal WAY too early time so I busied myself around the house waiting for the stores to open so I could wake my husband up and we could go get the trim. We needed to get trim so we knew where to split the colors. We picked up most of the trim, we need to go back this week after the truck comes in because they were out of the door/window trim and they only had 1 piece of chair rail. We made a few other stops before getting back home to paint. After we got the first coat done, I took myself a nice hour long nap and my husband went fishing. I think my memories failing me…. I think my Dad came back over that night to work on the gutters on the house. I think parts of the weekend are a blur…. I may or may not have been walking around half asleep. We got the 2nd coat of paint on that night.

Sunday… Another early morning for me. I was oh so sweet and let my husband sleep in – and boy did he ever 😛 Dad came back over and finished putting the downspouts on the gutter. They are SO much nicer than the old ones! Not to mention they are put on so they’ll work this time. I’m not sure why they even put the last ones on, other than to catch leaves and branches. We realized the bottom color of the wall needed 1 more coat of paint as it looked darker in the corners and around outlets where I’d used the paint brush and got it thicker. My husband was oh so cool to let me paint the bottom half of the wall and he painted the top. That way I just drug my stool around and sat my butt on it while painting 🙂 We didn’t get right to painting, instead we headed out of town for a few baby items and a few necessities as I imagine after baby I won’t be wanting to leave all that much for a bit. I drove the Envoy and my husband rode up on his motorcycle. After shopping for hours I was really trying to think of a plan for getting that motorcycle in the vehicle so he could drive and I could sleep. No such luck… is it bad when you drove all the way home and don’t remember parts of the trip?? Yeah, I figured so. 😦 We obviously made it home, since I’m typing this and all. I made supper while my husband put the last coat of paint on. It looks SO much better this morning! Yeah!! Thanks!! If this kid doesn’t like this room he’s going to have paint it himself. I refuse to even think of trying to paint over this color.

Because I’m in a frenzy trying to get everything done I batted my eyelashes and gave the puppy dog eyes to my husband so he’d bring the stroller/car seat up so I could check it out. I just wanted to see it, I wasn’t even asking him to put it together. But he started pulling it out for me and next thing I knew he was putting it together 🙂 I think he’s about as excited as me right now. This thing is awesome!! I’m so glad Gramma found the article and we got this one. My big rant… I took out the instruction manual for the car seat for car installation – IT WAS ALLLLLLL IN SPANISH!! The book wasn’t half and half – it was just all Spanish. That’s crap… BIG time.

And after eating and putting the stroller together we sat and watched American Outlaws. I surprisingly made it through about half the movie I think before falling asleep. That’s a huge accomplishment for me – I don’t usually make it past the previews. I’ll have to finish it tonight because I was really into it. It’s an excellent movie!!


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7 Responses to “busy weekend”

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WOW woman!!! You were crazy busy all weekend!! I cannot WAIT to see the baby’s room!

Wow! You were super productive! Now all you need is Baby! hehe

Yay for getting the painting all done! You’ll have to let us know how the carpet install goes! 🙂

I used to have mornings like that, where I would get to work and not quite remember driving. ::sigh:: So unsafe!

We’re such keeners – we put together our stroller months ago. It’s been sitting in our closet ever since! 🙂

Busy, busy, busy & very productive. I’m tired after reading that.

Oh I am SO excited for you ! Now remember if yous tay two night in the hospital let the baby stay in the nursery for a few hours each night so you can sleep and not worry that he’s gonna wake you. I know it might sound harsh or mean or not very motherly, but you’re gonna have to trust me on this …really ..ok !?!?

Oh and ya know, it’s ok to just sit and take a break, you don’t have to go a million miles a minute until he gets here !

You sound like me working your tail off! I swear it helps make the time go by faster! So, I’m getting induced tomorrow–yikes!! It’s like you know at the end you’ll give birth at some point, but when they tell you when it’s crazy! I’ll keep you updated!!! I can’t wait to see the nursery!!

Holy cow woman! You were crazy busy. Glad to hear it was such a productive weekend tho.

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