momma wants her blue jeans back

Posted on 29 June 2007. Filed under: baby, baby due date, family, pregnancy |

Talked to my doctor a couple days ago and the plan, if I don’t go into labor before, is to induce Sunday night/Monday morning at (midnight) 12:01 to be exact, that way I don’t get charged for Sunday at all. Doctor asked if that was too late to come in… well normally yes, this woman goes to bed at 9 pm sharp, but since you’re helping me out, I think we’ll be good 🙂 I’ve really been in a frenzy trying to get lots of little things done so I don’t have to worry about them when I get home. Even though I know I will 😛 I have a doctor’s appt. today, he’ll check my cervix and see how favorable it is. I will obviously feel overwhelmed after baby, but I’m just ready to be done. My Mom has to have hip replacement and I want to be back to my old self (as much as possible) before that so I’m there for her. We have family coming and I’m being selfish and I want to spend time with them, not sit around being pregnant for over half the time they are here. We were able to make a plan for my husband’s daughter as she’ll be spending some time with us after we come home. Overall I just feel better knowing we have a plan… I’m not much into surprises for things like this.


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8 Responses to “momma wants her blue jeans back”

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Holy crap!!! There could be a baby by Monday evening! I cannot wait to see him!!!

Congrats, take care, BREATHE! Hope to hear all about the new HEALTHY baby on Wednesday!

What???? You’re getting induced this weekend! Wow, that seems so fast. Wait. I’m not ready for this yet!

You’ll do great. You’re going to be so happy when you come on Tuesday (or whenever) with your new beautiful baby! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

I’ve never been pregnant, but I am so excited for you! I also hope that your mom’s hip replacement goes well.

Sending you good luck vibes!!

Wow that’s sooo soon. i hope the induction goes well for you. I didn’t mind being induced, it really wasn’t bad

W00T !!!! yay !! Happy Dance !!

I’m sending easy calm labor vibes to ya !

AHHHHHH!!! THE BABY IS COMING!! I wasn’t prepared for this, I’m not ready!!! Good luck sugar!! You’re going to do great! I’m so excited!!

yeahhhh!!! A Baby!!!
I just got to read this today (Monday morning!) Maybe there is a baby already! Where is that brother of yours? hehe.


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