welcome to the world baby!

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Hey guys! I’ve missed you all SO much! I’ve been busy getting a schedule going and trying to get back to feeling a bit more normal. I can’t believe that baby is already 5 days old!! A big thanks to my brother for updating and for that lovely picture he thought we needed. 😛 My oldest actually says he’s glad it’s a boy now. He’s already been a big help for Mom.

Labor went very well and surprisingly easy. Seems weird to say that, but this one was definitely easier than my first. I pushed a hell of a lot longer with him. My husband said he heard my replacement doctor (he checked me out as I left on the 4th) tell the nurses that we missed a c-section by a hair. I absolutely loved my doctor this entire time and he did an amazing job. I checked in at 12:01 am on Monday morning got settled into my nice comfy cozy (ACK Yeah Right!) hospital gown and bed and the poking began. They poked me about 5 times trying to get the IV in, trying both arms, trying to warm my arm, they finally had another nurse come in to give it a try. Thankfully after a couple more pokes she got it. Then they started pumping IV’s into me as they thought I was very dehydrated. Which seems crazy after all the water I’d been drinking – obviously not enough. At 2 am they started the Cytotec. They kept telling me to get some rest but who can rest when they are in and out of the room every 15 minutes poking and checking everything. I did get a few winks of sleep in. At 5 am they gave me another Cytotec. Then I had to wait for doctor to come check things out, see how I was dilating, see how baby was dropping, etc. When he checked I was still dilated to 3 and baby wasn’t dropping even in the slightest amount. Doctor said to start the Pitocin at about 9 am. And the good labor began at about noon, Mom said that’s when I got really quiet. I kept holding off on the pain meds as I wanted doctor to check again and see how things were going so I didn’t get meds and have them wear off before the time came. I’m not sure when but I did end up getting a couple doses of pain meds but into the IV. They aren’t great meds, just a little something to take the edge off. Only the first dose worked and relieved some pain. I had an intrathecal at some point and that sucked to get, but man was it nice when it was all done. They couldn’t get that one in me either, I think they poked me about 4 times trying to get that one. It took a whole new position to get that to work. When doctor checked later I was dilated to 4 so the wait continued, baby still wasn’t dropping. He talked to me about turning baby, which I of course was all for. Baby was laying facing the ceiling so he turned him one direction and that did nothing. He must have known a c-section was around the corner but he didn’t say anything to me, I think I remember him making a comment that I was seeming a little too small down there. He asked if I wanted to try turning the baby again, going the opposite direction. I dilated all the way to 10 in no time flat – I think we just missed all the other numbers in there, because I was 4 and then I was 10. Works for me! 🙂 I don’t remember much of this happening, but at some point my blood pressure fell off the face of the earth, I just remember feeling totally out of it and having oxygen strapped to me, which I hated. After baby was turned, I was ready. They said when I was ready to push let them know. I waited just a bit and it was time. 4 sets of pushes later and baby came right out, screaming before he was even all the way out.

Still trying to get everything figured out here at home. My first time nursing has definitely already been an experience, but today is much better. Yesterday was awful, I think I spent 90% of the day in tears from engorgement. It was a long day of pumping, but it worked – Yeah! I kept seeing formula ads and was wanting to just give up on nursing. Thankfully, I stayed as strong as I could, even through the tears and pain, and kept going. The few times I’ve given him formula because of nursing issues, he’s been terribly fussy and gassy. His little tummy definitely is happier with mommy’s milk. And Mommy’s loving some major Mommy and baby bonding time. It’s amazing! Little man had a little chaffing on his little butt, but A+D did the trick with that and it looks better already. My only pain left is in my back from that damn intrathecal shot. I had NO tearing! NO swelling! Doctor kept saying afterwards how great of a delivery that was. Hooray!

I’m off to get a little rest as I’m sure my little man will be up soon, wanting a new diaper and some food 🙂 My husband is out with the kids at the pool and I should have been resting this entire time, but I miss all you guys and wanted to share a picture and update you all on how we are doing. HUGS TO ALL!!!


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10 Responses to “welcome to the world baby!”

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ooooh, girl, he’s so precious! What a cutie! So glad to hear that things went smoothly and that you all are settling in well. Congratulations again! Go get some rest.


Congrats! So glad it’s over for you. I had a time adjusting to nursing too, took about 4 days to get the hang of it, it’s SO worth it though!! He is beautiful!

That’s excellent! He’s gorgeous and I’m so glad to hear that both you and bubs are doing well. *hugs*

He is gorgeous! His head even looks rounded like a c-section baby. I’m glad that the birth went fairly well. Hopefully, the breast feeding will come along soon. That is so much more difficult than people let on.

yay, he’s beautiful!!

hang in there with the nursing. It gets easier eventually and it’ll all be over before you know it and you’ll say “that wasn’t so hard”. Good job with the pushing. We had similar deliveries! You’re so lucky he turned for you. I had that with Silas and it was a much more dreadful delivery!! I’m proud of you!!

He is sooooo beautiful. He looks absolutely pleased to have that photo taken too.

It is great to hear that you made it through labor with few problems and even better that you didn’t have to have a c-section.

Congratulations to you and your family.

You do know that you are going to have to come up with a new nickname for the baby now. Two Little Man’s are just going to confuse me 🙂

Awww… Glad to see you’re kind of back.

I’m happy to hear that the labour wasn’t too horrible, even though it wasn’t all pleasant and dreamy, either. Glad you missed the C-Section – that wouldn’t have been fun at all!

He is totally precious! Look at him he looks so peaceful and comfy, too! Congratulations!!

Congrats! He is absolutely beautiful!!!

Congrats! You are blessed! He is beautiful!!

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