lack of sleep = lack of posting

Posted on 12 July 2007. Filed under: baby, Everyday Life, family, kids |

Sorry guys, I’ve just been busy with baby and don’t take the time away from him to come downstairs to update. I need to get my computer upstairs so I feel more connected – I’m a little lost with my beloved computer. Baby is doing excellent. He has his days and nights mixed up which has left Mommy feeling like a zombie. Last night he woke at 10, stayed awake until 1, slept from about 1-2:30, awake from 2:30-5:30, slept from 5:30-7 and is now actually taking a little nap again. I should be napping, but I have to finish this laundry as he’s used all his blankets. He sleeps really great during the day – little turd.

My Zia and Brother were here and are leaving today because Zia has a herniated disk which is going to take surgery so they are heading back South for that fun adventure 😦 Mom’s getting things in order for her surgery on her hip (and then the other hip later). On top of the hip replacement, she has muscle degeneration so it’s going to be a bigger process 😦 Everybody’s falling apart around here – damn it.

Mommy’s little man at 5 days old (little late on posting that eh) Today he’s 10 days old! It seems like just yesterday. I lost 21 pounds since that dreadful/fantastic day. I have at least another 15 to lose.


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9 Responses to “lack of sleep = lack of posting”

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He is just so so so so cute! Adorable.

Glad you’re doing okay. Hope you can get some sleep soon!

You’ve lost 21 pounds? Holy crap, woman! That’s a lot. Go you!

Sounds like life is really busy. Yikes.

He’ll get his schedule turned around again, don’t you worry! 🙂

It’s supposed to be really hot here again today. ::sigh::

Aimee:Thank You! I sure think he’s pretty gosh darn cute and cuddly 🙂

Kait: I was hoping to have lost a little more right away, but I guess it’s a start. 15 pounds seem like so much to lose now. I’ve started using my exercise ball, but I can’t fully do that until my back feels better (still hurts from that damn intrathecal). I have some dvd’s that my Zia was using so I’m going to use those too.

It’s been so nice here – not hot, not humid, not windy…. but that’s all about to change starting tomorrow I think 😦 Bummer. I was loving getting out and walking – I LOVE my new stroller – WELL worth the bucks!!

I think Im blind. I was trying to find your beautiful baby’s name and I can’t seem to spot it

He is so cute, no wonder you can’t take time away to post. 🙂 I am just kidding. I know how difficult the first month is.

Ohhhh he is amazing ! Congrats from the bottom of my heart ! 21 pounds already ?!? Damn, breastfeeding sounds a bit better now lol.

He’s adorable – and sounds like you’re well on your way to pre-baby weight! Woohoo! Hope your family pulls through all the falling apart and starts getting pieced back together again! xo


He’s so cute.

OH NO 15 POUNDS!!! I have three times that to lose, I guess it’s my fault. I’m just jealous.

my boss sent an email out to the entire staff with the baby news. so ‘name’ is now mr. popularity in dallas…or at richland anyway:)

hope everything’s still going well

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