2 week check-up

Posted on 16 July 2007. Filed under: baby, doctors appt |

How can it be!? My baby is 2 weeks old already!! We had our 2 week check-up today and everything was great. I had pumped and taken milk with us in a bottle for that just in case time. I learned one thing… he does not like a bottle – geesh. I attempted to feed him the rest out of the bottle when we returned home because I didn’t want to have it cold, then warm, then cold again, etc. That was a NO GO! He wanted a boob and he wanted it NOW (er… or then – whatever) 😛

I’m thinking I’m producing cream and not milk. My little man’s grown an inch and gained over a pound!! He’s 21.75″ long and 9 lbs!! He’s my little chunko I guess 🙂 He’s in the 85%tile for height and 57%tile for weight.

Doctor was checking him all out and he did SO good – NO tears! Thank goodness, because when baby cries at doctor, Mommy cries – it’s a given. And next time when those shots roll around, I’ll be sure to take lots of kleenex 😦 He made sure to do his thing… he peed all over the doctor! haha I laughed because it’s happened to me NUMEROUS times already. And when he decides to pee on ya – he makes it a GOOD one! And it usually ends with a smile, as it did today. Good thing doctor was good about it, he got a good laugh and smile out of it. Doctor made a good impression, I was really happy with him. We don’t have many to pick from here, but I think I made the right choice. He had good bed-side manners and talked people talk, not doctor talk.

After all that baby was awake so we headed down to my doctor’s office as we didn’t see him before we left. Had to show him what he delivered and get a picture of them together. And wouldn’t you know it… they matched! Doctor and baby were both wearing green – it was too cute. It was fun to see doctor and the nurse and the receptionist again. Like we talked – we went from seeing each other all the time to not at all.

I was trying to leave you all with a picture, but I cannot get into the site to upload it – so I’ll do that later. Hugs to all!!


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5 Responses to “2 week check-up”

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He is growing quickly…. he must love to eat. That is great.

Wow! Two weeks already!!! It sounds like you two are doing GREAT!!! How about the other two men in your life?

Yeah! Glad things went well.
My mom says that when I was a baby I HATED when they looked in my ears. Shots didn’t bother me. Go figure.

Awww… the little guy is already two weeks old? I guess that makes sense!

Dr. said that I won’t be popping this one out any time soon. Boo on that! 😦 Now I want to be induced like you! 😛

Sounds like you are doing wonderfully and with having a two-week old baby to boot!

Your story reminded me of when one of my daughters brought her first son home. She was changing his diaper up on the bar between my kitchen and dining room and he started peeing as she took it off. She got so flustered that she put her hand in front of the stream and it went everywhere!!

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