4 ounces!?

Posted on 3 August 2007. Filed under: 8 year olds, baby, breastfeeding |

What a wonderful night of sleep we had last night! We were having our normal fussy time all evening and I felt like baby had drank all the milk I had to offer. I decided to make a bottle of pumped milk to see if he was just hungry. That little turd drank an entire 4 ounce bottle! He finished that at about 9:30 and then sat around until 10:30 when he finally decided is was sleepy time. This is where it gets amazingly good for Mommy….. he slept until 2:30!! 4 hours of sleep! When he woke to eat again and I realized it was 2:30 I felt like I’d slept all night. I’m used to sleeping for 1 1/2 – 2 hours with him. The rest of the night he slept his normal 1 1/2 – 2 hours and eating just a bit. We got up for one of those feedings and the next we cuddled in bed and he ate while we lay in bed and then I scooped him into my arm and we cuddled back to sleep for a bit. I love that time so much. This morning he was a bit fussy, wasn’t hungry, acted like he didn’t want to be held, didn’t want to lay and play, so we went for a walk which worked lovely! He calmed right down once we hit the road so we stopped to visit Gramma until he went back to sleep, then we headed back home so I could shower, he could sleep and I could finish some laundry and a few million other things around the house.

I have a few nursing issues. I’m worried I don’t have the greatest diet for nursing. I’m not a fantastic eater. I’m keeping hydrated with water and all but food isn’t usually on my list of priorities. I don’t feel like I have as much milk lately either. I’m nursing like crazy still and pumping when I can, but I’m surely not getting the pumped milk I used to. Anybody wanting to offer advice/ideas – please do.

Tonight is fair night so we’ll be heading out there to make our way through the hundreds of people and see how long before I pull all my hair out (I don’t like crowds and people). I hope we can park close so I don’t have to walk a mile back to the car to nurse baby when he’s hungry. Should prove to be an interesting night. Not looking forward to it. My son will be taking a friend with us so he has someone to ride rides with.

I’ll leave you with a couple pics…

I keep wondering what could be going through his mind in this picture 🙂


No, my son doesn’t hang out in the bar. Small town life can be so great sometimes. We’d gone out of town to visit Great Grandma. Little did we know the restaurant didn’t open until 5pm and we were there at 4pm. So my son and husband wasted some time playing pool and listening to the jukebox. As you can see – it was pretty dead in there 🙂 Okay… really dead – we were the ONLY people there.

Nap time’s over – Ciao!


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4 Responses to “4 ounces!?”

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I don’t know what to tell you about the nursing, except that your doctor can prescribe you something to help your milk production. I assume that there must be natural remedies that would work as well, but I know nothing about that.

I have been very careful to try to make sure that my milk supply keeps up. It’s been good so far, but I’m worried that it will drop due to my nipple shield use. She just won’t take my nipple without it, and with us only have a handful of established feedings? There’s no way I’m doing anything to bug her.

Though a good diet is always best for your health, you will not be harming your nursing baby if your dietary practices are far from perfect. Your body will prioritise the milk and make sure it is perfect in every way. If you can eat well it will be better for your energy levels and health, but don’t worry about your milk though, it’s the best stuff for baby!
As for milk supply, pumping is not an adequate measure of how much milk you are producing. as long as the baby is able to nurse as and well she wants, she will get enough milk. your milk supply will adjust to her needs. Have a look at kellymom.
best wishes xxx

and ps. well done on getting 4 hours straight sleep! 🙂
and babies will often guzzle down extra bottles even when not hungry. it’s quite easy for them to just keep sucky esp if they’re a sucky kind of baby.

I agree with amberjee – trust baby to get/take what he needs, even if it doesn’t feel like enough. I’m sure Nicholas has always taken more than I’ve ever been able to pump – he has stronger suction than the pump. I even wasted money renting one from the pharmacy only to find out it was no stronger than the one I had at home already.

A tip my mum gave me has helped, though – feed him on one side while you pump on the other. I thought he’d get distracted by it, but he’s totally used to it and leaves it alone. I get way more milk in the bottle this way, because he encourages a couple of let-downs while he’s nursing.

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