fair night

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What a dreadful night. I worried for hours before we left about where I would nurse baby. I ended this worry by making the decision to have a couple bottles of formula. (For those of you who freak out about that kind of thing I’m sorry – that was my decision and my concern is making sure my baby is getting fed and my oldest son was still having a blast of a night. A couple bottles of formula will not hurt baby 🙂 My oldest lived on formula.) So that part of the night was absolutely awesome. I had to make a couple bottles while we were there. Had our thermos of hot water and bought a bottled water to cool it off when we were ready. Worked perfectly – baby was happy and had a full little tummy and a whole lot of sleep and Mommy was very happy and worry free (well for this part anyway).

We met up with our friends and took one of their three kids with us so he could ride rides with my son. The first ride they went on was great. After that ride I had to have a talk with the boys about running off. I know they were excited but they got off the ride and took off without waiting for us. NOT cool. I refuse to have my son wandering around without me – too many crazies come out at fair time and FAR too many drunks are wandering around. The next ride was a disaster. My son didn’t think he wanted to go on it so the other little guy went with some other kids and had a blast. After seeing him go, my son decided he wanted to go, which was fine because his friend was ready for round two. The ride was one that started spinning in a huge circle and then flew up in the air. I guess I should have had a lesson on centrifugal force before they went on this ride 😦 We stood on the ground watching my sons friend turn beat red and cry the entire ride. We thought – oh shit… one of them puked or is just really sick. Not the case at all. The friend was on the outside and when the ride went up the force scooted my son right over to him pushing his friend to the side. He was completely mad at my son saying he SLAMMED him against the side and wouldn’t get off and it was ALL his fault that he was hurting… yada yada yada. He spent the next while pouting and pissed off. I kept trying to tell him it wasn’t my sons fault – it’s just the force of the ride – my son probably couldn’t pull himself back to the other side and even if he did when the ride when down and back up he’d have been thrown right back anyway.

Then we had a fabulous experience with some drunk guys. I saw them walking towards us and didn’t think too much of it. Wouldn’t you know it – they got RIGHT by the stroller (that of course carried my baby) and one of them started tipping. He didn’t have a clue what was going on. I reached across the stroller and shoved as hard as I could (he was bigger than me and almost dead weight drunk) and luckily pushed him back into his buddies saving baby from being squished and knocked out of the stroller. My heart had sunk and was beating 9 million beats a minute. They continued walking stumbling, I don’t think they had a clue what had just happened. (Read: Reason #9,546,187 Why I hate drunk people)


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3 Responses to “fair night”

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Sounds like a fun night & the formula worked well. Don’t worry about what other mom’s think. Do what is best for you, just like you did with the crazy drunk guy. 🙂

Dude. If you’re getting in trouble for the formula, someone will positively CRUCIFY me. ::shrugs:: All I can say is that THEY can feed my baby next time she rejects my nipples! Ha!

Anyway, I’m glad the kids had fun, even though there was some issues with the ride and the drunk people. And don’t get me started on how much I hate drunk people. Gah. Good thing that your reflexes were right on cue!

Well other than your son’s friend being a turd, it sounds like you had a great night out as a family!

Gotta love those motherly instincts!

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