very wet morning

Posted on 6 August 2007. Filed under: annoying people, baby, post office lines |

Today was a very wet morning. Not like our typical wet nights/mornings lately – where we woke up to a poopy/wet bed one morning and the next night just a wet bed (at 3 am). Washing bedding for two days straight wasn’t very fun – but crawling into clean sheets for those two nights in a row was SO awesome. I’m a big ol Downy whore – one of my favorite smells 🙂 On to this morning… we woke, we ate, we cuddled, we played and we bathed. Oh and then baby peed on my floor 😛 Turd. After he calmed down after his bath and was just talking away I started cleaning all the bath stuff up. First thing I did was pull the plug on the baby bath so that could drain while I picked everything else up. I got everything put away, came back for the bathtub and holy *#&! I pulled the drain, but the bathtub was COMPLETELY sitting on my counter and not hanging over into the sink anymore. I drained the ENTIRE bath of water onto my counter!! GAH!!!

The rest of the morning wasn’t proving to be any better. After he’d gone to sleep I decided to run a few errands. He of course woke the minute we hit the vehicle but I thought for sure with some driving he’d settle right back in and go to sleep again. FAT CHANCE MOM! haha We made the first stop at the drive-thru bank, that was no biggie. Next we headed to the post office. It wouldn’t have been bad except for the fact that some people are terribly rude and irritating. A few people ahead of us wouldn’t quit talking with the workers so they slowed everybody up because instead of finishing up and moving along they talked and took twice as long. Jerks. Baby decided it was time to eat and he wanted to eat right then. No paci or rocking….

AH crap – when will I learn (remember) that I cannot run the air conditioner, the microwave and the dishwasher all at the same time – it blows the damn breaker

…was going to do the trick today. The next person in line took what seemed like forever because…

You’re kidding me!! I just did it again!! I’m claiming to still have baby brain or it could just be pure exhaustion.

…she came unprepared. She hadn’t addressed all her envelopes, I swear she sent about 2 dozen things certified mail, she hadn’t put a return address on ANY of them! Geesh lady!! Come on!! They let her stand at the counter doing all this instead of asking her to step aside and come back when she was actually ready. Which meant I had one pissed off baby. We just left and decided this errand could wait – my baby was hungry and that was that. What made me more upset was the fact that there were other workers walking around and not a single one could stop and help out to make things go faster given there was a crying baby. Maybe they aren’t Mom’s and don’t know the feeling – who knows. Ah well. We got home, baby ate and was so happy all cuddled up with Momma and is now fast asleep. As for me – I’m eating REAL food right now. It’s not a PB&J, no grilled cheese sandwich, no frozen pizza and not a Snicker bar 🙂 I’ve totally sucked at eating good lately – it seems there’s never time. Anyway… I’m enjoying steamed veggies, potatoes and chicken. Mmm mmm mmm good 🙂 I’m off to enjoy it all – each and every bite because I’m eating without nursing baby or just holding him at the same time.



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4 Responses to “very wet morning”

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OMG–he is huge!! Growing so well!! We’ve been at the beach for a week and I havent been able to get online. We had a wonderful trip, we stopped and nursed on the way down, but on the return I pumped beside her then bottle fed her when she woke, 8 hours it a long trip!! She done awesome and loved the beach and the attention from grandma! Pumping and giving her bottles a few days gave us time to spend with bailey para sailing and jet skiing. Bottle come in handy!! i thought of supplementing formula, she eats ALL the time and it’s hard to pump much when she’s always eating. Sometimes I felt like crying! I wouldn’t even know what kind of formula to give, what did you use? My husband is terrified she’ll decide she doesnt like breast milk anymore, men!!! Im glad things are going good for you. I’m anxious to see how school starting is…..trying to juggle Baileys schedule and a new one…eek!!

I could not imagine trying to run every day errands with a tiny baby in tow…. Phew!

Dude, you get to eat? I’m jealous. It seems that every time I pick up food Kitten wakes up and starts to holler.

Speaking of which… she just filled her pants. A mother’s work is never done! 😛

I tend to change the brand of dryer sheets I use, because I love trying different scents. This most recent one was a generic brand but it smells of lavender and vanilla. Very nice. But I think I’m allergic to it. Lol. Can’t win!

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