when does my first paycheck come??

Posted on 9 August 2007. Filed under: 8 year olds, baby, school, sleep, tired |

This baby business is a triple full time job. It’s 24 hours of work everyday. I’m not saying at all that I’d trade it for anything in the whole world – I love my kids too much. I remember the first month, I think I could have stayed awake for the entire month and then all in one day it all caught up with me and now I’m beyond exhausted. Poor baby, I’ll be trying to feed him and he’s falling off my boob because I’m falling asleep so then he’s mad and then it’s like we have to start all over. I was so excited last night when he fell asleep at 9 pm – that’s my old bedtime! I quickly jumped into my chair – closed my eyes and next thing I knew it was 9:34 pm and he was awake 😦 Ugggg He went back to sleep fairly quick and slept for 3 hours. The rest of the night he only slept for 2 hours at a time.

Tonight he was having his crabby time so I decided to try going for a walk, this has worked every time until tonight. We made it about 1 1/2 blocks from home when he decided to let loose and scream his bloody brains out. We walked VERY fast to Gramma’s (her house was only another block and a half away too) so he could eat. We didn’t get our walk in but I was thinking maybe he’d eat and then we could hurry home and go to bed. No such luck… it’s now almost 11 pm and he’s still awake. I just finally got some food for the day, a PB&J and 3 glasses of OJ. It was a busy day aside from baby business. Gramma came to sit with baby while I took my oldest in search of school shoes and a couple other errands. After looking for shoes and trying shoes on he decided to order them off the Internet. But I’m glad we tried them on because now I know what size to order.

Baby is FINALLY sleeping in his swing – gotta get him moved to his bed and me cuddled into my chair – I want as much of my 2 hours of sleep as I can get. Good Night Internet!

….and at 5 am after feedings at 1 and 3 our day has begun. Please let a nap come VERY soon. We’re trying the swing again right now.


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6 Responses to “when does my first paycheck come??”

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You are reminding me how difficult the first 3 months are. Perhaps, I’ll just stay pregnant. Oh wait, the last trimester isn’t fun either. I want to freeze this time for a few months. 🙂

I feel your pain!!! I thought minewas the only one that slept like that! Since you’ve given him formula before, ever thought of trying that for a bedtime feeding? They say it takes longer to digest so he may go 4 whole hours!

Sounds like Seth was at that baby age. Gah. That was a HARD time. Hope you got some sleep there.

I’m reading this completely jealous that grandma just lives down your street. The grandmas in this family live either 4 hours away or halfway across the country. That would be soooooooo nice. I want my mommy.

I feel your pain. Kind of. Kitten sleeps at night, so that’s good, but she’s up for almost the whole day. She has one afternoon nap, and then she’s awake with a few cat naps in between feedings for the rest of the night, until midnight. I’m not complaining, but dude. Getting her to fall asleep is like pulling teeth.

Oh, and have you tried feeding while laying on your side? Then maybe Baby won’t fall off the boob when you fall asleep…

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