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Posting has obviously not been on my list of things to do around here. The job search is hopefully over. After much thought I’ve decided I want to stay home and open a daycare. It’s the only way I know of right now that I can make money and stay home. I’ve spent countless hours working on paperwork and calling friends that are going to be my back-up care-givers. I just need to get all the paperwork sent in, attend CPR and First Aid classes (which I’ve been wanting to do for years), get through the licensing phase and then we’ll be up and running…. literally 🙂 For the first couple months things will be absolutely crazy. I won’t be packing 6 kids (if I have that many right away – which wouldn’t be too hard considering 3 daycare providers have quit just recently) plus my own two into the car to do whatever. I have some awesome friends that are going to help get my son to school and home from school so I don’t have to get out for that with all the kids. My Mom is having her hip replacement surgery in a week or so and then she won’t be able to drive for a while. Worrying every night how things are going to work the next day is going to leave me a frantic mess….. oh wait… I’m totally used to that! It’s going to be interesting, but I’m sure I’ll make it through just like everything else I’ve made it through, when I swore I never would 🙂

Taking care of kids is no new thing to me. I’ve babysat many kids over the years. I must say I’m a little excited about having MY daycare kids, watching them grow up while they are here and getting that fun little daycare bond with them. More little kiddies to hug and cuddle and make me pull my hair out 😛

Wow…. slight interruption… my oldest just got out of the shower and asked why I was going to the doctor today (he didn’t let me talk), his eyes were all lit up and huge and he said “Mom… are you going to have another baby!?” WHAT!? Where the heck would I have been carrying it all this time? He said he didn’t know maybe he’s standing up so that’s why you don’t have a belly. I asked him if I really looked like I was about to have another baby and he said well you’re almost back to your old self but I didn’t know why you were going to the doctor today. I told him it was just a routine check-up, he rolled his eyes and walked off. So I guess I’d better get my exercise ball out today and get working on my little pooch I have left on my belly!

Mornings are so amazing now a days. Baby is always so happy to see us in the morning, he’s ALL smiles! I love it! Can’t ever get enough. We lay in bed smiling and talking for a while every morning. Then we get up, cuddle, play, eat and go back to sleep for a bit. Mornings are about the only time I can get lots of stuff done. He’s not much of a sleeper in the afternoons, which is okay, I’m a total morning person so it’s working out well.

I think baby has figured out when exactly night time is. He gets fussy about the same time every night and nursing in the chair doesn’t work, he wants to lay in bed with me and nurse. Which is my favorite place to nurse, because he gets all cuddled up into me and we both relax. He finishes, he burps and we lay back down to sleep usually pretty easy. Speaking of baby…. he’s awake, gotta go!


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7 Responses to “rambling”

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That is soooo exciting! Good luck!


I haven’t been posting much either. Just wanted to stop by and see how you’re doing. 🙂 Glad to hear things are going well.

Day care huh? Well, you must be a saint….because I could never do it! 😉

I’m with SC, I could have 9 kids of my own but never handle a daycare ! Kudos to you girl , really !

Nightime cuddles are my very favorite too, thank God I have a baby because my 10 year old won’t let me lay in bed with her and rub her head lol.

Glad that you are getting things figured out and that you are back !

Good luck with the daycare. Very cool. Scotch guard everything before you take on any kiddos. heehee

What a huge task to take on, but I am sure you’ll love it. It is fun to be around kids & watch them grow up.

A daycare sounds awesome!!! I’m jealous!!!
Sounds like you have quite a wonderful little baby yourself!!!
Is he sleeping with you at night or in his crib? I’m guilty of co sleeping but LOVE being able to lay on my side and nurse Aubree!!!!

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