one smart kid

Posted on 28 August 2007. Filed under: baby, breastfeeding |

Tonight I really realized how into this laying in bed and nursing at bed time my son is! He was so upset, I kept trying everything as it didn’t seem to be bed time. We tried bottles of water, bottles of formula, nursing in the chair, walking around, etc. After a couple hours I finally lay on the couch with him and he nursed and he nursed and then he nursed some more after we moved to the bed. And SOON after…. sound asleep!! So Mr. Smarty Pants KNOWS when it’s bed time and he surely knows what he wants! He wants my undivided attention while lying in bed and eating. Little turd 🙂

UPDATE! Baby slept ALL night!! All that being mad at Mommy cuz I didn’t know what he wanted must have wore the little guy out 🙂 He woke, ate, took a bath and is fast asleep again. He’s in his little hoodie that I love so much and I just want to cuddle him. But I’m letting him sleep peacefully, and I suppose that means I better get my stuff done this morning. Cuddling sounds SO much better!

Here’s a pic for the day 🙂


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6 Responses to “one smart kid”

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Im glad everything went well with your mother!!!
So you give him water?? HHmm, thats an idea….my doc hasn’t mentioned that

Yep, he gets a little water every once in a while. Most babies won’t drink water unless you put something in it to make it sweeter. He likes nice plain good water 🙂

What a doll!!! And such a good sleeper! You are one lucky Mommy!

So cute! I think you should try that routine again. 🙂

i love baby hoodies. Sooo cute

Then I bet my baby girl would love to try some water! I didn’t realize they could have it that young….hhhmmm can do a bottle of that for the LONG car rider line picking up Bailey! How much is your little guy weighing now?? I love the pic!! I cannot get her to sleep more than 3ish hours at a time, what do you do????

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