2 Months!

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It wasn’t too long ago I was saying how fast time flies because my oldest was in the third grade now. Now just a few days later… baby is two months already! And I think back on those two months and I know why it went so fast, there was lots going on. My Aunt and Brother came home, then Baby came, then my Aunt and Brother left in a hurry so my Aunt could have surgery (which went well, but would be much better if she could get that hard collar off), and on the way my Brother had a little medical problem so good thing they were back to have that all fixed, then my Grandma came and we had visits here and visits there, then I for sure had no job anymore and started on a new idea, then school started and then Mom had her surgery (which, btw, she is recovering from wonderfully and soon will be playing tag with us again 🙂 hehe). And in between all that we had normal everyday stuff going on. It’s definitely been a busy couple months.

Happy 2 Month Birthday Baby!


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Everyday and night has been wonderful with you baby, even if we were up partying in your crib at 3 am this morning 🙂 I love waking up in the morning, having you see me and you get the biggest smile on your face, WHAT! you’re just happy because I’m the one with the boobs, oh well you’re still happy to see me 🙂 I remember the first day you smiled, I laughed, I cried, I wanted to e-mail everybody I knew to tell them that you smiled. I thought breastfeeding was going to be some big adventure I’d end up hating and I’d quit after a week or two. I was so completely wrong, I absolutely love it. The time you and I get to spend together is amazing and I of course love the fact that you need me. It cures a little bit of my need to help somebody everyday and my need to be needed. It helps also that you’ve been an unbelievably good nurser. Even if I swear you only want to get drinks here and there. Yep, no long eating stretches for you. You get a little drink, wet your mouth and you’re good to go again for a while. Which leaves me very frustrated at times because you want a drink every 15 minutes sometimes. You sit and eat for the longest in bed at night, maybe it’s easiest there because you’re laying next to me all comfy cozy in bed. You love to stand, wow it amazes me how much you stand around. You hold your head so well that we got out the ExerSaucer already and boy did you love to spin around in that thing! You aren’t reaching yet for toys but you sure had fun sitting in the seat. Your Bumbo seat is already getting use, I didn’t expect to see that for another month. You’re just a strong little man already. You came around the 4th of July, I think we should be preparing for you to be a little firecracker. I’m curious to see if you are the exact opposite of your brother. Your brother loves to hold you everyday and he’s spent countless hours laying next to you listening to your stories and making you smile. Soon you’ll be up running around playing bugging him 🙂 lol We love you baby! Happy 2 Month!


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3 Responses to “2 Months!”

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He’s so dang cute. Happy two month!! I’m so glad nursing is going well for you. I can’t believe how fat Ikey is in comparison, I envy you, little ones are so much easier to carry around!!

Two months did go by quickly & yes you had a LOT going on. All that & a new baby, I’m impressed.

What a big boy!! Already in his Bumbo, good for him!! Aubree hasn’t got the whole head control yet but she’s definetely close. She eats like him though, here and there every 15 or 20 minutes sometimes. I enjoy it though, I love breast feeding too, and wasn’t crazy about the idea at first. Baby #2 is SO much different than #1 was. I’m loving the 9 year 9 month age gap though!! I’m SO happy for you that things are going so well!

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